‘Lit Headphones’ Brings you Royal-Themed Tiara and Crown Headphones to Match your Fine Soul!

by Farzeen Hafeez

Are you done with the basic bland stuff that you have been using for years? Do they give you everything but satisfaction?

Well, you finally have the answer to all your cries. Lisa Campbell’s royal-themed crown headphones will make you feel like the Queen you are while listening to Beyoncé!

Crown Headphones

Lit Headphones ship these royal sets worldwide. (Source: Lit Headphones)

American Company, Lit Headphones, has a variety of headphones for you to jam and slay at the same time. These tiara and crown headphones are made to awaken your inner princesses and queens. Also, these handmade crown headphones are not only pretty but just as comfortable too!

These admittedly gorgeous headphones are bejeweled and long ribbons are attached to them. They also have a cute little tiara on the top, which sits on your head.

Crown Headphones

The crown headphones are bejeweled and have ribbons attached to them. (Source: Lit Headphones)

32-year-old single mother from Florida, Lisa Campbell, was done with the dull and boring tradition most companies are used to. She wanted color and glamour in her daily life accessories and appliances!

It all started at her kitchen table when she decided to take on the challenge of showing many companies how it is actually done. For her, the biggest hindrance in the way was her low self-esteem. Once she overcame that, there was nothing stopping her.

Crown Headphones

Owner, Lisa Campbell, poses with her gorgeous handmade accessory. (Source: Lit Headphones)

She talked about it with Journal Post: “In hindsight the major obstacles I faced appear to me clearly as subconscious self-doubt.  I can tell you about the actual obstacles in great detail but honestly the real problem was a voice in the back of my head saying, you can’t do this, you are not worth it, you are going to fail.”

Now, Tech Artist, Lisa is making a breakthrough with her fashionable headphones! And these glamorous accessories are in great demand. Moreover, her collection includes six designs at the moment:

‘Black Queen’ to fill your dark soul with music

Crown Headphones

Majestic ‘Black Queen’ from the Lit Headphones’ collection. (Source: Lit Headphones)

‘White Queen’ is truly here to save your day

Crown Headphones

Alternative ‘White Queen’ from the Lit Headphones’ collection. (Source: Lit Headphones)

You will love ‘Red Reign’ if rubies amuse you

Crown Headphones

Ruby ‘Red Reign’ from the Lit Headphones’ collection. (Source: Lit Headphones)

‘Royal Blue’ provides you all the necessary Queen-like feels!

Crown Headphones

Jaw-dropping ‘Royal Blue’ from Lit Headphones’ collection. (Source: Lit Headphones)

‘Winter Green’ is a perfect handset for the breezy winter nights

Crown Headphones

‘Winter Green’ from the Lit Headphones’ collection. (Source: Lit Headphones)

‘Winter Palace’ will complement your Queen-like personality 

Crown Headphones

‘Winter Palace’ from the Lit Headphones’ collection will give you ‘Snow Queen’ vibes like nothing else. (Source: Lit Headphones)

For many, these crown headphones are their dream come true. Especially as they offer there wide range including White Queen (Gold and Diamonds), Winter Palace (Diamonds and Silver), Royal Blue (Sapphires and Silver), Winter Green (Emeralds and Gold) and more. You too can live your fantasy cheaper than you have expected, for only $299 on sale right now!

‘Lit headphones’ is now working on three new styles: Purple Reign, Crystal Palace and Pink Diamond. They will be available by the end of September!

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