European airports to launch nap pods with free Netflix

European airports are launching nap pods with high-tech features such as device chargers, a high speed Wi-Fi connection and free and unlimited access to Netflix. The pods will be installed later this year.

Elon Musk furious at media portrayal of Tesla Model S car accident

Elon Musk took to Twitter to express his frustration after a Tesla car accident. The model S hit into a parked firetruck while the car was on autopilot. The car was traveling at 60 mph and the driver admitted to using her cell phone while it happened.

Google employees resign in protest of controversial military contract

After more than 4,000 Google employees signed a petition to protest against the controversial 'Project Maven', over a dozen have now resigned. The project uses artificial intelligence for military surveillance.

Twitter steps up to fight against online trolls with new safety initiative

Twitter announced its new safety initiative by introducing 'behavior-based signals' to battle Twitter trolls. The site will seek out offensive speech within tweets and to promote healthy conversation and experience.

Uber to end its policy of mandatory arbitration in harassment cases

Tony West, the Chief Legal Officer at Uber, wrote a blog post and announced a set of policy measures that the company will adopt regarding sexual assault and harassment. Uber will end its previous policy of mandatory arbitration in cases where victims choose to seek settlement with the company.

Snapchat Introduces Group Video Calling and Tagging in Stories

Snapchat has rolled out a video calling feature for their 187 million users so that chatting on the app becomes synonymous with "hanging out" instead of texting.

Supermodel pointed out the creepy way iPhone store and sort out photos

iPhone users found out strange “brassiere” discovery. Chrissy Teigen confirmed by sharing her seductive screenshot and Internet couldn't handle it.

iPhone X Review: It is As Wonderful As You'd Imagined

The iPhone X is a stunning smartphone that welcomes fabulous new design, majestic bezel-less display, mind-blowing cameras and many other sublime features.

Xbox One X Review: World's Most Powerful aswell as Expensive Console

An effective brief insight on what actually does Microsoft's latest gaming console, Xbox One X boast, and why it is considered leaner but meaner.

I Dared To Use Apple's iPhone 8: Experience of a Loyal Android User

A die-hard Android fan squarely falls in love with iPhone 8 in an attempt to challenge Apple, applauding it's beauty and capabilities.

These Crown-Inspired Headphones will Make You Feel Royal!

You finally have the answer to all your cries. These royal-themed crown headphones will make you feel like the Queen you are while listening to Beyoncé.