Ghost Fantasies! A 27-Year-Old Woman Enjoys Sex with Spirits; Says She Will “Never Go Back To Men”

by Ayesha Qayyum

A woman has all her sexual desires fulfilled by Ghosts. Yes, you read it right! And she even claims that she will never go back to men as the spirits keep her satisfied.


Amethyst has a rather peculiar interest in her partners. According to her ghosts satisfy her more sexually than men. (Source: YouTube)

Amethyst Realm, 27, is a spiritual guidance counselor and has had contacts with the ghosts in a more intimate way. The counselor from Bristol claims she has slept with 20 ethereal beings and have had intense orgasms.


Realm was invited to the ITV’s This Morning to share her story. (Source: YouTube)

She now reveals that she will ‘never go back to men’ as she is content with the spirits and hopes to find her one true soulmate. Realm wishes to find ‘The One’ in the ghosts and settle down.


Realm is not ashamed to share her story but was seen laughing at the jokes thrown at her way. (Source: YouTube)

Amethyst was invited to ITV’s This Morning where she shared her unusual story. She started off her story when she moved with her then fiancee to a new house. There she felt an unworldly presence.

To investigate further the 27-year-old decided to seduce the spirit. She wore a rather racy negligee to allure the incorporeal being. Realm later went on to have sex with that ghost. She explained her experience:

“It was kind of like a weight, I felt a pressure on my thighs. At the same time physical breath, and stroking.”


Realm has had over 15 sexual partners who were spirits and does not think it is unusual. (Source: YouTube)

Also when Holly Willoughby, one of the hosts of the show, asked Realm about her sexual rendezvous ending into an orgasm she replied, “Yes for me”.

Amethyst then was dumped by her then fiancee who claimed that she was ‘cheating’. The fiancee claimed that the ghost came into a physical form to tell him about it.


A very stunned Philips was seen listening rather keenly to Realm. (Source: YouTube)

The spiritual guide herself never saw her first lover. She said, “I think it was in love with me too and it wanted me to end the relationship.”

After her first experience in past 10 years Realm has not dated any men. And she hopes to find her true match after dating several ghosts in the past years.

Philip and Holy were rather curios about Realm’s story and asked her that how is she able to tell which of her ghost boyfriend is which.


Holy was the one asking most of the questions. Even asking that was the sex fulfilling for Amethyst (Source: YouTube)

“You can always feel the difference, it’s the same with different humans, they have different energies”

“I should imagine you have got quite a name for yourself in the spirit world. I would imagine they would be keen to visit you”, said a rather stunned Philip.

Amethyst is not concerned about her lifestyle and is not embarrassed of it. She says that she is more mortified that she has had 20 ghosts lovers than that they do not have any physical forms.


Realm told that she wants to settle with a Ghost and even start a family with it. (Source: YouTube)

Also, her first relationship with a ghost went on for 3 years. As for a future child Amethyst is not worried. She says that there is always a chance she has a phantom pregnancy with her serious ghost beau.

27-Year-Old Woman Enjoys Sex with Spirits; Says She Will “Never Go Back To Men”. (Source: Getty Images)

In reply to this, This Morning host said, “That would be a unique thing to see a ghost baby, it would be like Casper”.

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