Meet Emma, the Girl Who Takes Care of Dangerous Creatures Since the Age of 11!

by Rahima Noor

Most people are afraid of exotic animals but Emma has them as pets. She is trying to convince people to try these animals. And she firmly believes that care and respect will create a loving relationship between both parties.

Exotic animals are often disliked by many people but Emma has made them a part of her life. She looks after them and tries to understand their behavior while encouraging others to try the same.

Exotic Animals

Emma Lock, a 29-year old woman, owns exotic animals. (Source: Emma)

Emma told Journal Post: “I started working with animals when I was only 11 years old.”

She started working in a pet shop and eventually worked as an assistant for the veterinary clinic next door to it. Then, she moved on to working with dogs at the Hong Kong RSPCA. After shifting to London, she began rescuing a variety of animals.

Exotic Animals

Emma said she started making connections in the exotic animal world. (Source: Emma)

Upon being asked how she manages to keep up with such dangerous animals, Emma insisted that the animals she works with aren’t dangerous.
Exotic Animals

A friendly snake. (Source: Emma)

Being respectful of their needs and space is important. She finds that many animal handlers and presenters like to embellish the truth by appearing to struggle with animals and showing off how they try to ‘tame’ them.

Emma said she prefers to observe and build relationships on trust and respect the animal’s boundaries. Animals have personalities and thresholds, so it’s possible to annoy and anger them. She states that if one of her animals is irritable, she leaves them alone and tries again later when they are more calm.

Exotic Animals

A pair of hissing cockroaches that Emma owns (Source: Emma)

Moreover, Lock has 164,538 subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also has 19.6K followers on her Instagram account. Her mission is to reconnect people with nature. She believes that nature and animals affect our mental health in profoundly positive ways.

The fanatic says that she takes out time to really explore the relationships between humans and animals, on her YouTube channel (Emzotic), and show people animals in ways they’ve never seen them.

Exotic Animals

A giant Snail that Emma has. (Source: Emma)

Emma said: “I’ve always loved animals and it’s not something I had to develop or grow. I’ve always been obsessed with all animals. As a child, I read every book and watched every show about animals that I could.”

Exotic Animals

She is trying to convince people to try to keep these animals as pets. (source: Emma)

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(You can find Emma on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat as @emzoticofficial)

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