Gemma’s only 14-year-old but she’s an absolute pro at gory makeup!


As a kid of the 90’s, most of us used clear lip gloss and heavily underlined kohl eyes as ‘makeup’. That was our thing back when we were teenagers. But of course, the world has changed.

Now, teens and adults alike are pro’s at makeup (sadly we can’t be added to that list). And a few of them are taking it to a whole new level with their special effects makeup- warning, some of these can be very unsettling.

Gory Makeup
Gemma’s makeup is haunting! (Source: Gemma Borkowski)

Gemmabks.sfx is one such Instagram page. It is run by 14-year-old Gemma Borkowski from Sydney, Australia. And she is truly talented!

Gory Makeup
This could positively make anyone throw up! (Source: Gemma Borkowski)

She is mostly just self-taught! And her Instagram page, Gemmabks.sfx, has racked up thousands of likes.

“All of my special effects makeup is self-taught. I’ve used YouTube videos and lots of practice to get where I am today.”

Her gory makeup skills are so realistic that they’ll haunt you!

Speaking to Journal Post, she said:


“I find gory makeup the most interesting and enjoyable to do!”

Gory Makeup
Ouch! That must’ve hurt. (Source: Gemma Borkowski)

The teen also said that she enjoys fantasy makeup and body painting but she is not as good at those as she is at gory makeup.

To be such a pro at makeup requires skill and technique and achieving all that at such a young age is an incredible feat! However, Gemma is self-taught by everyone’s favorite teacher, YouTube.

Gory Makeup
Umm.. are those real? (Source: Gemma Borkowski)

As for her inspirations, Gemma was inspired by various makeup artists that she sees on Instagram or in TV shows and movies.

Her first experience with SFX makeup, however, was by a YouTuber called Glam&Gore.

“Her videos are what got me interested in special effects makeup.”

Every artist has their favorite work and her favorite look yet is the car crash makeup.

“It turned out a lot better than I thought it would and I’m proud of how it turned out.”

Gory Makeup
Gemma calls this her favorite look! (Source: Gemma Borkowski)

Gemma’s future plans are uncertain and with good reason! She’s only 14 after all.

“I’m still not sure whether makeup is what I want to do professionally.”


“At the moment I’m just working on doing my best at school and at my makeup. And I’ll see where it all takes me.”

All the more power to Gemma to continue doing her haunting makeup looks!


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