Timi Páll, a very talented artist, recently created an artwork with her period blood as a way to dispel the negative perception surrounding the menstrual cycle!


For a lot of women, periods aren’t as simple as the advertisements of tampons or sanitary napkins would have you believe. And the chances are that when you first get your periods your initial reaction is to look for the painkillers rather than to think of creating an artwork with your blood.

But Timi, like many other artists, had a greater goal in her mind.

The artist herself. (Source: Timi Páll)

Although menstruation is a normal part of a woman’s life but there’s still a lot of stigma attached to it. As if this time isn’t hard enough for the women already, with the gushing blood and passing out from the pain, but some people expect them to be low key about it because it makes them “uncomfortable”.

There has been a constant debate surrounding this topic. And a lot of women have even tried to change the mindset through their artwork.

Timi Páll
The artist with her art. (Source: Timi Páll)

Timi Páll is one such artist. The 29-year old, from Romania, is the proud master of an infamous artwork called ‘The Diary of my Period’. And while explaining her journey she said:

“After the concept was born in my mind, I’ve tried first of all, how difficult is to paint with this kind of fluid, so I made my own self-portrait.”

After the success of the self-portrait, Timi started working on The Diary Project. This  project took her almost 9 months to complete. The reason it got so much attention was because she used her own period blood instead of paint. Timi painted one canvas per month and the resulting image was that of a fetus.


The idea behind the project, according to her, was not a cry for attention. It was rather a way to show that period is a natural biological process, which gives women a chance to get pregnant.

The self portrait that started it all. (Source: Timi Páll)

As Timi says:

“When an ovum dies an artwork is born.”

Timi Páll’s main focus was not only on the periods. It was on the transitions and preconceived notions surrounding the menstrual flow of a woman. During her research, she found that the blood has no smell at all and that the flow becomes a bit darker after a few days. She wanted this to be portrayed and permanently etched on to the canvas.

Months 1, 2, 3. (Source: Timi Páll)

As for where the inspiration came from, she said:

“You never know what comes out from an artist’s head. The Muse ‘kissed me’ one day and I started to analyse the idea.”

She posted the images of the final artwork on her Facebook page. Then, the reactions came in.

Timi Páll
Months 4, 5, 6. (Source: Timi Páll)

According to Timi, the reactions ranged from disgusting, gross, crazy to fantastic and wonderful. Timi was greatly disappointed with the negative comments, she said:

“Nowadays in each music video there are almost naked bodies, with erotic and sexual content and scenes. They make people act in a negative way, causing inhibitions or opposite feelings but this is accepted and it’s considered almost normal. The menstrual cycle, it’s something natural. We know how it looks like, but it is still a taboo, and it’s considered a dirty substance, which is not true!”

Timi Páll
Months 7, 8, 9. (Source: Timi Pall)

But inbetween all the negativity she did receive her fair share of heart-warming messages from people. Timi also got messages from women who weren’t even allowed to leave the house, or enter churches, or are considered “dirty” because of the natural biological process their bodies are going through.

The Diary of My Period. (Source: Timi Páll)

The negative reactions don’t faze her because the positivity outweighs the negativity.
As for her future, she doesn’t like to talk about it.


“I never like to speak about the future because I never know when the muse is kissing me.”

Timi feels blessed to have created this artwork and hopes that the mindset of people, surrounding the menstrual cycle, will change in the upcoming years!


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