A Hairdresser and an Animal Vet Have Joined Forces To Help London’s Homeless People and Street Dogs

by Marvah Mushtaq

‘Doing Something For Nothing’ is the motto of this British hairdresser who gives free haircuts to homeless people! And now to help him with his work, he’s got his own version of ‘John Watson’!

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Something For Nothing

A homeless woman looks in the mirror, happy with her haircut. (Source: Barcroft Media)

With the rise of population, more than 4,134 people in just UK alone, are now homeless. Since 2015, there has been a 16% increase in the number of people sleeping on the roads.

In harsh times like these, when people are in need of us the most, we have somehow lost our humanity and soul. But still there are a few people like Josh Coombes, who provides free haircuts to homeless people. It is a part of his campaign, ‘Doing Something For Nothing’. It all started back in 2015, when Josh started going out in the streets with a pair of scissors.

Something For Nothing

Josh trims a man’s beard. (Source: Barcroft Media)

The world is full of happiness if you try finding it in the right places. A simple haircut which is nothing for us, means the world to some people. And so Josh started this campaign which is now influencing and helping people all around the world.

According to Josh, “The main thing which I crave is the conversation. Just talking to them and hearing their issues makes you see the world in another light.”

“The world is a lot better place than what we’ve made it into. Living separate lives without interacting with the world around you leaves you sad and alone. You find real happiness only when you get in direct contact with the ordinary people. You never know, a gesture like a simple smile might make someone’s day.”

Something For Nothing

Jade is a veterinarian and he nurses ailing street dogs back to health. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Due to the incredible difference this campaign made, it’s now spread all over the world. And now Josh has another team member. His own version of ‘John Watson’. A veterinarian, Jade Statt who is one of the directors of Street Vet Ltd. His work involves going out on the streets and nursing street dogs.

This Sherlock Duo is making a difference in their own way. Instead of solving crimes, they are solving one of the most important problems of the world. Spreading humanity and a very important message ‘Do Something For Nothing’. Not only are they helping people, but also animals.

Something For Nothing

Jade inspecting a street dog. (Source: Barcroft Media)

For Jade, it all started when he met a street dog who had a very bad skin. The dog was in a lot of pain but his owner could do nothing since he didn’t know where to get the treatment. So Jade jumped in to help and since then he’s found a new sense of happiness in helping these innocent animals.

The pair travel with backpacks filled with their supplies; Jade has everything from antibiotics to dog treats, and Josh has all of his hairdressing equipment.


The main focus of the campaign is to encourage people to do something for nothing, and to show that a small gesture can make a huge difference.

Josh said: “I’ve found really positive interactions with the public when I am doing this, and it acts as a gateway for people to see what you’re doing, and see what you’re achieving.”

Something For Nothing

A street dog looks into the camera after a check-up. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Helping someone and hearing their stories is one of the most amazing experiences ever. Hanging out with these homeless people is something that’s going to break the stereotypes. And lift the stigmas that have been developed about these certain type of issues.

Not only has their work helped many people across the UK, but the pair feel it has also benefited their own lives.

Josh said: “I don’t believe what I am doing is a charity necessarily. It is really about connecting with people. It’s about what you get in return. Like I am the happiest since I have been doing this and it’s okay to recognize that.”

Something For Nothing

Selfless Josh trims a man’s hair on the streets of London. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Jade added: “Definitely the most fulfilling part of my career today is doing street vet.”

The hairdresser has extended his selfless work overseas and is currently visiting the rough sleepers of New York. His actions are creating a huge impact on the stereotypes that have been around the world since forever.

It is people like Josh and Jade who do something in their lives, by helping others. And there are a very few of these selfless people left. So we all need to start doing something for nothing if we want to make this world a better place.

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