Caught on Camera! Saudi Woman Seen Hitting Men with a Wooden Stick After They Harassed Her for Not Dressing ‘Modestly’

by Shariq Vohra

A woman in Saudi Arabia was caught on camera while hitting men with a wooden stick, after they harassed her for not being ‘modestly’ dressed. 

The video went viral in which an unnamed woman went absolutely wild at the men surrounding her with a wooden stick in a park in Riyadh. (Source: Twitter)

A woman in Saudi Arabia was caught on camera hitting men with a wooden stick. (Source: Twitter)

The video was uploaded on Twitter by a Saudi account, @TheTopVideo. This account specifically uploads Saudi videos, in order for them to go viral.

Women in Saudia cannot make major decisions without the permission of the male. (Source: Getty Images)

The video already has more than 138,000 views, after being uploaded just two days ago, on 4th of March, 2018.

The video shows the ‘unnamed woman’ swinging a wooden stick all around on passers-by. (Source: Twitter)

Men are seen running away from the woman with the stick. (Source: Twitter)

The footage was widely shared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also sparked a major debate in the region, as some people are in support of her saying that she was ‘harassed’ while some are saying that this all happened just because she was ‘not dressed modestly’.

Women in Saudia have to “dress in a modest manner”. (Source: Getty Images)

The video was captioned, “God help us from to Jay..! ?

The video begins with panicked men seen running around everywhere. Then the clip goes on to show the ‘unnamed woman’ swinging a wooden stick all around at the onlookers as the crowd around her scatters away.

Some people have bashed her for ‘provoking’ men. (Source: Twitter)

People have begun to call her a ‘Saudi Wonder Woman’. (Source: Twitter)

Some people have called her a ‘Saudi Wonder Woman’ while others are bashing her for ‘provoking’ men.

Reportedly, she is a popular social media personality and men were just following her to take pictures when she went into an outburst.

Saudi women cannot wear clothes that ‘show off their beauty’. (Source: Getty Images)

In Saudia, women cannot even go shopping and try on clothes. (Source: Getty Images)

Recently, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdullah al-Mutlaq had stated, as long as they are dressed modestly, women in Saudia Arabia do not have to dress themselves in a long black robe.

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