Bashir Sultani’s splendid artwork will change the way you see ordinary salt! This ‘Salt’ artist makes breathtaking portraits with colored salt, which he dyes himself.


Canadian artist, Bashir Sultani spends over five hours making each of these portraits. These, on average, require 10 to 20 shakers of salt but he destroys them instantly and only preserve them in videos.

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Salt Portraits
The amazing artist destroys his portraits of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, from Breaking Bad, after completing them. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Even though most of his work is only preserved in the form of video but Mr. Sultani certainly seems to be shaking up the world of art with his unique skill.

Salt Portraits
Finding Dory and Finding Nemo character, Dory, made out of salt. (Source: Barcroft Images)

His portraits includes Walter White and his sidekick, Jesse Pinkman from the hit US drama, Breaking Bad characters and many more

One of the artist’s specialty is creating realistic meals out of salt, including a tray of sushi, a fresh trout and a delicious looking burger. These are so amazingly portrayed that they are actually look mouthwatering!

Other creations include a stunning salt portrait of two grateful koi fish, SpongeBob Square pants and Dory from Finding Nemo. He also made a tiger, a skull and neon crab, all of which are a sight to admire.

The artist’s most beautiful and one of the most difficult salt portraits was that of Martin Luther King Jr. But Bashir’s favorite remains his galaxy art where he creates outer space on the dinner table in shades of blue, purple, yellow and white salts.


Salt Portraits
A galaxy made out of rainbow colored salt. (Source: Barcroft Media)

Since he started experimenting his passion with salt, he has taken over 100 time lapses of his creations for his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has over 38k subscribers at the moment. Even though, his work is only in the form of videos, he seems to have a huge impact on people. Also, has shaken the art world with his fine talent.

Salt Portraits
Martin Luther King Jr. made out of black and white salt. (Source: Barcroft Images)

Do check out his spectacular work on YouTube, we promise you, you won’t be disappointed!


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