10 massive Royal Wedding fails you need to know about right now

by Rahma Altaf

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are all set to get married on May 19, 2018, and we hope the ceremony will go smoothly and avoid previous Royal Wedding fails. Here are 10 massive fails that have taken place during past Royal Weddings!

1. Queen Elizabeth’s tiara broke on the morning of her wedding

Royal Wedding

The Tiara of Queen Elizabeth was broke right before her wedding. (Image source: Instagram/Bijoux Review)

In 1947, Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip. She was to wear a special Fringe Tiara, which was initially made for Queen Mary in 1919. Unfortunately, on the morning of the wedding, it broke in the hands of the hairdresser. They had to get the tiara repaired from the House of Garrard workshops under strict police protection.

2. Prince Charles botched his wedding vows

Royal Wedding

Prince Charles couldn’t remember his vows! (Image source: Instagram/Bridal Image)

In 1981, Princess Diana married Prince Charles. The wedding contained many issues but the biggest one was when Prince Carles messed up his vows to Lady Diana. The prince promised to give Diana ‘thy goods’ instead of what he actually had to say, which was ‘worldly goods’.

3. Princess Diana forgot the name of her spouse

Royal Wedding fails

The Princess of Whales forgot the full name of Prince Charles. (Image source: Instagram/Posh Petals and Pearls)

The only thing worse than Prince Charles messing up the words of his vows was Princess Diana failing to remember the full name of her future husband. She called him “Philip Charles Arthur George,” instead of “Charles Philip”.

4. Princess Diana had an awful headache all day

Royal Wedding fails

Princess Diana was not feeling good on her wedding day. (Image source: Instagram/Emily Herde Floristry)

Lady Diana was wearing a Spencer Family tiara on the day of her wedding, which became the cause of a major headache. The Princess’ brother, Charles Spencer said, “In the evening [after the wedding] we all went to a sort of semi-private party. And she was there and she seemed incredibly relaxed and happy and I just remember she had a cracking headache too because she wasn’t used to wearing a tiara all morning.”

5. Princess Diana’s bridesmaid tripped and cried at the wedding

Royal Wedding fails

One of her bridesmaid tripped on her dress. (Image source: Instagram/diana.myqueen)

Tripping at a wedding is probably one’s biggest fears, and it has made it to the Royal Wedding fails list, too. Clementine Hambro, great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill, was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding. At the time, the 5-year-old tripped on her dress and started crying. Reportedly, after the incident, Diana asked if she had ‘bumped her bottom’.

6. Princess Diana’s wedding dress was completely wrinkled

Royal Wedding

(Her long dress was badly wrinkled Image source: Instagram/Demas)

Diana’s wedding dress is the most iconic of all royal gowns of the 1980s and has been replicated throughout in modern times. However, the ivory silk taffeta material, antique lace gown and the 25-foot long dress were not suitable for vehicle travels. Therefore, during the carriage ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the dress was completely creased by the time the wedding took place.

7. Prince William had trouble getting the ring on Kate Middleton’s finger

Prince William opted out of having a ring on his finger on his Royal Wedding, but the Duchess of Cambridge still wanted one. The ring was designed to be slightly smaller than Kate’s finger so that it would not slide off. But what followed was a couple of tense seconds, as William struggled to get the ring past Kate’s knuckle.

8. Prince William was sleep-deprived on his wedding day

royal wedding fails

The Prince was exhausted on his big day. Image source: YouTube)

Prince William had only slept for 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony with his future wife, Kate Middleton. Hence, he was extremely tired and exhausted during the wedding day.

The night before, fans and supporters were out on the streets screaming with joy about the wedding, keeping Prince William up. Reportedly, he said, “They [fans] were singing and cheering all night long, so the excitement of that, the nervousness of me and everyone singing, I slept for about half an hour.”

9. Prince William and the Dutchess’ wedding kiss was photobombed by a bridesmaid

royal wedding fails

The bridesmaid couldn’t take the wedding noise. (Image source: Getty Images)

During the Royal couple’s famous kiss on the balcony, the three-year-old Grace van Cutsem was being disturbed by the crowd’s noise which caused her to frown. She can be seen covering her ears during the balcony kiss photograph.

10. A horse threw off the rider during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding

royal wedding fails

The horse ran away during the wedding! (Image source: Getty Images)

A horse from the household cavalry got scared during the wedding. During Prince William and Princess Kate’s ride to Buckingham Palace, the frightened horse panicked, threw the rider off its back and ran away. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the incident.

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