A Smash Too Far: Enraged Professor Smashes Student’s Phone on Floor

by Nayab

A professor at PES University in India, decided he has had enough. Tired of telling students to turn off their phones in class, the middle aged man resorted to violent measures.

He grabbed a student’s phone and smashed it forcefully on the classroom floor!


The dramatic moment when the professor asked the student to hand over his phone. (Source: YouTube)



The professor smashes the phone to the ground in a heart stopping movement. (Source: YouTube)

PES University has said that they are investigating the incident, which was filmed and then posted online.


The professor orders the student to shut up repeatedly. (Source: YouTube)

The video starts with the professor standing behind the podium. There is a lecture on display and a class is going on. The professor suddenly steps out from behind the podium and asks students to hand over their phones.

He asks them to stand up as well.


The student tries to apologize over and over again. (Source: YouTube)

The professor keeps asking them to hand over the phone they have between them.

The two students then make their way to the front of the class and stand next to the professor.


He asks his scared student to pick up his ruined phone off the ground. (Source: YouTube)

He asserts himself to them, saying, “throw it.”

One of the students apologizes profusely, saying, “I’m sorry sir.”

His plea goes ignored as the professor tells him to ‘shut up!’


The professor marches back to his podium. (Source: YouTube)


The professor and students look at the ruined phone. (Source: YouTube)

Then he asks the student to give him their phone. The student protests to no avail.

There is a long silence and then the professor violently smashes the phone on the ground.


The student explains himself to no avail (Source: YouTube)

He then orders the now-silent student to pick up the smashed phone. The man then asks for it back and tells both of the students to come with him.

In lieu of this event, popular newspaper, The Bangalore Mirror reached out to the teacher.


The university is looking into the incident and questioning the professor and students. (Source: Facebook)

He said, “The student is a repeat offender and this isn’t the first time he was caught using a phone in class.”

A student corroborated this information, saying, “The professor is not someone to lose his cool easily, besides, this student has been caught using the phone before too.”

“The professor is an ex-serviceman from the Air Force and has been teaching here since 2005. We have never seen him lose his cool like this. But this is the third time the student has been caught in such an act.”


All the classes at university are recorded. (Source: Facebook)


There are several angles in which lectures are recorded during class. (Source: Facebook)

Jawahar Doreswamy, pro-chancellor of the university, called the incident ‘disturbing’.

He said, “Phones are usually confiscated and not given until the last day of the semester.”

“Suitable disciplinary action needs to be taken and we will ensure the mobile phone of the student is replaced by the professor. We have not seen this kind of situation in our college till date and now that the code has been broken, we will look into this seriously.”

Further action remains to be taken.

Did the student deserve to be treated so harshly? Let us know!

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