Police officer posts photos and videos in racy outfits as she travels the world, asks followers for ‘donations’ in exchange

by Rahma Altaf

Police officer, Sergeant Leanne Carr, is traveling the world and live-streaming her activities in revealing outfits during a long-term ‘sick leave’ from work.

The England-based officer is now in her seventh month off work. She posts pictures and videos of herself indulging in various activities, dressed in skimpy attire, in return for ‘donations’. Sgt Carr, earning £45,000 a year, started off with a sensual video of herself, with the camera facing her breasts as she requested her viewers for money.


Sergeant Leanne Carr is traveling the world and recording her activities. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)


Sgt Carr uses Twitch to live-stream her activities. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)

Sgt Carr uses Twitch, a live-streaming video platform, to post her videos. Her Twitch profile reads, “If you really feel I deserve it please feel free to send anything”.

Before posting the streams, she posts announcements on Twitter to alert her followers of upcoming videos.

The 33-year-old officer also posts pictures on Instagram. She is seen snorkeling in Thailand, relaxing on the beaches in Cyprus, and snowboarding in the Austrian Alps. She also posts random photos, like playing ‘Fortnite’ in her underwear!


The 33-year-old posted a picture of herself on the Cyprus beach. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)


She even travelled to Thailand. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)

Her new way of making money has angered her colleagues, especially since she has been traveling on the pretext of a sick leave.

One of them remarked, “This is a senior officer…and in my opinion, some of the photos are not befitting of someone in that role. In practically every photograph she is wearing next to nothing and some of the poses she does are very suggestive.”


Sgt Carr earns £45,000 a year, yet, has requested her viewers for donations. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)

The colleague added, “Lincolnshire Police know about this but are allowing it to happen despite having a strict policy on what an officer can share on social media.”

However, the Superintendent, Suzanne Davies, has said in an interview, “This was in accordance with Police Conduct Regulations 2012. When any officer is absent from work due to illness regular contact is maintained with them and they are entitled to do as they wish during that time, including going on holiday, as long as it does not prohibit their return to work as soon as possible”.


According to the law, Sgt Carr is allowed to utilize her sick leave doing whatever she pleases. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)


There were many tweets that criticized Sgt Carr’s behavior. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)

She added, “If anything is included on those accounts that breaches the high standards a police officer should maintain at all times we will investigate and act accordingly to make sure that is dealt with appropriately.”

The part-time model refers to herself as the ‘Pineapple Queen’. She also shared a photo of herself, topless except for pineapples hiding her breasts.


The police officer posed completely topless with pineapples covering her breasts. (Image source: Instagram/L E A)

Even though Sgt Carr loves what she does, some social media users seem to disagree. One user tweeted, “Sgt Carr is not doing herself or police reputation any good”.

Another angry user commented, “Bloody typical. Supposed to be off work sick and is off abroad galavanting having the time of her life. Should be fired. Immediately. Police force is a joke in this country. Can’t stick by their morals. I mean if they have any, to begin with.” 

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