Mom Goals! Fit Mother of Seven Children Looks Like a 22-Year-Old! Followers on Instagram Confuse Her as One of Her Daughter’s Sisters!

by Faryal

In today’s world where mothers don’t have time to focus on fitness regimes, Jessica Enslow is giving us serious mom goals! Jessica is so fit that she is often mistaken for her 22-year-old daughter’s sister!


Jessica is an extremely fit mother of seven. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica is a mother of seven children. Her first child was born in 1994 and her youngest was born in 2013. Even though she is 43 years old, she looks like she is of her children’s age!

The supermom with her husband and seven children. (Source: Instagram)


Jessica’s youngest baby was born in 2013. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica regularly posts pictures on her Instagram and people refuse to believe that she is the mother of her children, all thanks to her fitness regime!

One person commented, “You look like sisters. Amazing


Jessica looks like her daughter’s sister. (Source: Instagram)

Another person said, “Who’s the mother? Who are the daughters? So hard to tell! You all look like sisters!”


Jessica is 43 years old and looks like her 22-year-old daughter. (Source: Instagram)

However, Jessica doesn’t look like this without any effort. She has a strict fitness routine; she exercises regularly and eats healthy food. She tries to avoid snacks and eats moderately. She also revealed how she avoids cheat meals because her intense metabolic activity can’t handle it.


People can’t tell who is the mom and who is the daughter. (Source: Instagram)

According to her interview with UNILAD, she said that she ‘quickly gained weight’ after giving birth. She said, “I literally got home from the hospital and immediately put on my pre-pregnancy jeans only to find they wouldn’t go any farther than mid-thigh.

This is when extreme fear and a little depression set in.”


The mother of seven works out three times a week. (Source: Instagram)

She told in her interview that she would binge on Nutella all day and had lost all motivation to work out. Nevertheless, Jessica did not let her depression get the better of her.

“I used to eat Nutella by the spoonful and on my toast and on my bananas. That’s when things started getting really out of hand with my body composition and finally prompted me to change my daily habits.” 


She showcases her transformation on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica is inspiring many women all over the world. She has made several changes to her fitness routine and makes sure she goes to the gym three times a week.


Jessica’s picture when she was pregnant vs. now. (Source: Instagram)

Talking about her transformation, she told UNILAD, “I also know if there’s a will there’s a way. It’s been an adjustment for us, but it’s working really well for now. I always say, ‘You do what you can!’ Be strict about your goals & flexible on how to achieve them!

There are plenty of moms out there who have made tons of progress from their own homes. Make modifications, if necessary, but we can all improve our health if we really want to!”


Jessica has a perfectly toned body. (Source: Instagram)

The wonder mom is rocking a grey skirt. (Source: Instagram)

One person commented on her picture saying, “Inspiration to several moms around the globe…..!!”

People are loving Jessica’s incredible transformation. (Source: Instagram)

More comments poured in and stated, “You are no less than a wonder woman.”

Jessica is a supermom. (Source: Instagram)

One comment said, “You and your family are so cute! What an inspiration to other mommas!”

Jessica is giving motivation to other mothers to also look fit. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica cuddles with one of her babies. (Source: Instagram)

The supermom has 1,24,000 followers on Instagram and many mothers are inspired by her fit body! Way to go, Jessica!

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