Furious Indiana woman receives dinner invoice by man after she ghosts him following first date

by Asfa Shakeel

This Indiana woman was mailed an invoice for her half of her first dinner date bill, after she ghosted a man because she did not want a second date! Social media is now divided over whether his move was justified or not.

Amanda Burnett, a 23-year-old from Indiana, went on a date with a man to popular restaurant, The Tap. After the date, she avoided the guy and ignored his calls and messages because she did not think they were compatible and hence did not want a second date. In dating terms, she ‘ghosted’ him.


Amanda Burnett was furious at being sent the invoice for her half of the meal after she ignored the guy after the first date. (Image source: Facebook/Amanda Burnett)

What happened next is what took Amanda by surprise. The man angrily sent her the invoice of her half of the meal when he realized she was not going to respond.

Her bill was a total of $39.52, which included $14.50 for Smocked Hickory Barbecue Pulled Pork Tacos (a special at the restaurant), $10 for 2 beers, which the restaurant is known for, $10 for a Moscow Mule, which the restaurant calls a Bramble Mule, and 7% sales tax, which amounted to $2.56, $1.99 processing fee and $0.47 for shipping and handling via UPS.


He sent her the invoice of the  bill including sales tax, processing and transaction fee. (Image source: Facebook/Amanda Burnett)

The guy also texted her, demanding that she pay her half of the bill and saying she would be liable for any penalty funds and fines if she didn’t pay. He also threatened to take the matter to a collection agency if she refused to pay her half. Burnett completely laughed off his threats.

“Hahahahaha f**ck off,” she replied.


He also threatened serious consequences if she did not pay, but she laughed it off. (Image source: Facebook/Amanda Burnett)

Furious, Burnett uploaded a picture of the invoice and the messages on her social media, calling the guy out for what she deemed unacceptable behavior. However, since her posts, social media has been divided, with half the people saying what the guy did was totally understandable after the woman stood him up without even having the courtesy to let him know her intentions.

Indiana Woman was sent Invoice

The invoice contained her full order plus other costs. (Image source: Facebook/Amanda Burnett)


His threats were met with complete dismissal from Amanda. (Image source: Facebook/Amanda Burnett)

Others maintained that regardless of whether Burnett’s behavior was appropriate or not, the guy should have had the decency to foot the bill regardless, especially when he did not ask her to pay at the time when the bill came.

Many people also drew parallels in the situation, saying that since women frequently complain about guys disappearing and ghosting them, Burnett should have understood the humiliation of the situation and not done the same to this guy.

The boost this situation got from all the social media users even drew the attention of the restaurant where the two were eating, with The Tap retweeting a post about the situation these two were in.

Read some of the opinions people had to share down below:


The intense backlash has made Burnett not only delete the original tweet she posted, defaming her unnamed date for asking to pay, but she has also made her Twitter account private to stop the barrage of people voicing their opinions.

Before she left, though, the 23-year-old made sure to say, “Cracks me up how people instantly are like, ‘Well why didn’t YOU text him back? You just wanted a free meal?'”


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  • Christopher
    April 21, 2018

    She sounds incredibly immature and as if she lacks general respect and kindness. He should be happy he avoided getting involved with her and should have sent her a thank you card instead.