Girl Born with an ‘Imperfect’ Birthmark won’t Settle Down for Anything Less Than Perfection!

by Rahima Noor

Amy Elsegood was born with a port-wine stain, a malformation of blood vessels under the skin, as a birthmark.

Born with what may seem a not-so-pretty birthmark, Amy refuses to wear the shackles of normalized beauty standards.


Amy Elsegood was born with a port-wine stain birthmark. (Source: Amy)

She has gone through laser treatments to ‘prevent’ the mark from growing and getting bigger and darker. However, she found the experience extremely traumatic because she was given anesthetics every time. But her parents were always supportive and told her she was special because she was born different.

Amy told us: “Since childhood, my parents always used to tell me that I was special because I was born differently and I believed them and I always felt empowered that I had something nobody else did.”

Amy’s parents always told her she was born different because she is special! (Source: Amy)

Despite being abashed several times for having imperfect skin, the young woman has the ‘trolls’ level of optimism and refuses to give up. She wants to become an inspiration for others and flaunts her beauty mark, with some makeup.

While talking about her initial struggles, she said: “I had to deal with nasty and rude comments in the past, which weren’t nice. I used to struggle to find makeup to give myself an even look.”


She would struggle to find makeup to even out her skin. (Source : Amy)

Elsegood struggled in the beginning to accept herself. She used to wish she was not embarrassed by her own skin.

Eventually, she discovered the path to enlightenment. The rude comments stopped bothering her and became a source of strength for her.

 “It has been difficult all the way but it has also given me strength and courage to love my own skin. Knowing that my imperfections make me stand out from the rest and also makes me able to help others gives strength to keep going.”


She takes her birthmark as a gift from God. (Source: Amy)

With time, she became more courageous, self-confident and began to love herself.

Amy knew her imperfections made her stand out from everyone else and that she was genuinely unique. She proudly owned every inch of herself and would tell people her mark wasn’t an imperfection but indeed “a gift from God”.

She believes she would not have achieved even half of what she has without her gift.

The courageous fighter feels blessed to be able to make a difference in the life of people and feels lucky to help others who fail to own their flaws.


Amy is truly a warrior and an inspiration for others. (Source: Amy)

This warrior had some inspirational words to share:

“Always remember that there is a certain amount of perfection in being imperfect. It’s what makes you, you!”

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