This Makeup Artist picks up her brush only to paint something magical!


French-born Sarah began her journey by uploading a video in 2015, which she removed later due to her lack of confidence in herself. About a year later, she regained her trust in her makeup skills and decided to give a platform to her passion. It was mainly YouTube or Instagram.

A picture from Mehron Contest that she recently participated in. (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

Surely, it’s not easy to put yourself out there when you know applause is not the only thing you will receive. But Sarah over her self-consciousness and decided this is not the end for her!

Her passion dates back to her childhood where she used to see her mother create art with her palette and she would watch with eyes sparkling with dreams. Ever since, she grew the fondness to use the foundations and brushes to paint herself.

She talked about her mother in an interview with Journal Post: “She’s really good with makeup, probably because she’s a very talented painter… and I’ve always wanted to be a makeup artist but never dared study or even say it to my relatives.”

Her 252-shades Coastal Scent Palette aka her magic wand. (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

Sarah is not very picky about the colors, anything nude or warm gets her started! But mehron is one of her favorite brands. Like NYX, they are super cheap and the pigmented eye shadows allow her to ease into her artwork.

Like most makeup artists, a good pointed detail brush is the ultimate turn on for her and of course, the beauty blender!
The Artist’s favourite brushes. (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

The talented artist never actually took any makeup workshops or classes, she is basically her own mentor. Though, she does follow some makeup gurus like Nikkietutorials and Jordan Hanz and their accomplishment never fails to amaze her.

Experimenting has always been a big part of her journey, she improvises herself and learns from her own mistakes. She even recently experimented with air dry clay and latex, which she enjoyed every bit of! Also, she loves black background for optical illusion makeup.

She has created alot of unique looks, some of the recent ones include Annabelle, Wonder Woman and some Game of Thrones characters!
Sarah’s Wonder Woman look is simply wow! (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

The team behind this success story is basically her sister and herself. She believes her sister has a creative eye for colors, who recently helped her with photo editing for the Mehron Contest and her latest thumbnail.

Sarah as Annabelle from The Conjuring series. (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

She adds: “It’s really just me, behind the scene. My sister recently helped me with photo editing for the Mehron contest and my latest thumbnail, because that’s really her area and she’s better than me at this. I would love to work more with her in the future”

Soft lights, a background – either black or white or chocolate, camera, computer, huge mirrors are the things her set usually consists of…  and a bit of shimmery mess.
The Behind-the- Scenes set up. (Source: SarahMagicMakeup)

Sarah believes she has only started but is willing to take on challenges! She aspires to join the NYX Makeup Contest and is hopeful for the Mehron Makeup Contest she took a part in.


Like any other person her age, she likes spending time with her family, reading books, observing nature and animals! Though, makeup is the ‘WOW’ element in her life and she intends to continue doing it until her skin is too wrinkly to support eyeliner.

With her flawless and exquisite looks, it seems Sarah surely knows how to use her magic wand!


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