High Heel Madness: There’s a New Brow Trend and It’s Driving Everyone Crazy!

by Nayab

Instagram has been fairly popular with its trends, however the latest Instagram brow trend has changed the complete game of eyebrows. 


A model shows off a doctored high heel eyebrow. (Source: Instagram)

Instagram’s newest trend consists of eyebrows which are treated to look like high heels. Models on Instagram have one normal looking brow and one which is shaped exactly like a hairy high heel!


Another model sports the unusual trend. (Source: Instagram)

Touch-up artist SkyzEditz professionally edited the new eyebrows, along with hundreds of other models all across Instagram.

Experiments were extended to a host of other, major celebrities. In one, Kylie Jenner had brows that was styled with spaces in the middle.


Kylie seems to pull this look off well! (Source: Instagram)


Another beauty blogger got doctored! (Source: Instagram)

The eyebrow or rather, high-brow that started it all, belonged to a 15-year-old beauty blogger named Isabella Chavez. With over 130,000 followers on Instagram, Chavez is also a successful trend-setter, which is why SkyzEditz chose to experiment on her.

Beauty bloggers have appreciated the designer’s take on their facial features. SkyzEditz, real name Stefan, spoke at length about how much support he has received from bloggers everywhere. “They really love the photos which I post and a lot of them share my stuff on their pages,” he said.


The fishtail brows that started it all. (Source: Instagram)

Another image showed Huda Kattan with a brow that has emojis on it. It doesn’t look like an eyebrow she would sport anytime in real life, but in SkyzEditz world, anything and everything is possible.


Stefan edited Huda’s brows into emojis. (Source: Instagram)


Some of his edits are more wild than others. (Source: Instagram)

While speaking about all his trends, the photoshop wizard said, “As for the high heel brow, I was inspired by Apple emojis! I was scrolling through them seeing what I could potentially create and saw the high heel and thought ‘That would so trigger everyone’, let’s go with that one.”


Others are slightly more subtle. (Source: Instagram)

Stefan didn’t respond when asked about how his designs have the potential to trigger young girls who scrupulously follow any and all beauty standards. However, despite the controversial nature, his work has been picked up by other editors and designers, and weird brow trends on Instagram have been practically multiplying.


These were affectionately named Grinch brows. (Source: Instagram)


The rose brow is one of his more difficult edits. (Source: Instagram)


Here’s another ambitious project. (Source: Instagram)


(Source: Instagram)

His last eyebrow trend, the quirky fishtail brow has people split. While some people love it, others decree it to be the work of a deranged makeup artist with too much power.

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