Billionaire entrepreneur, Tony Toutouni, sues model for sexually harassing his dog

by Myra E.

In a shockingly disturbing lawsuit, L.A based billionaire, Tony Toutouni, sued model Deyana Mounira for sexually assaulting his dog during a photo shoot! 

The model fought back, releasing footage in which Toutouni can be heard egging on his dog to ‘f*** her’ and hump her.

L.A based billionaire Tony Toutouni is suing a model for sexually arousing his dog, hence causing him emotional distress. (Image source: Instagram)

Hef, the dog, stands at 5 feet tall. (Image source: Instagram)

The 42-year-old made his fortune when he bought a nightclub and sold it for profit. (Image source: Instagram)

The dog, Hef, stands at about 5 feet tall and was allegedly aroused by the model during a photo shoot at Toutouni’s house. It seems the 42-year-old filed the lawsuit against the model because he expressly forbade her from releasing footage from the photo shoot, yet she still posted a video of herself with Hef on her Instagram account.

The lawsuit states that Deyana ‘began sensually playing with Hef; arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him’. Deyana is being sued for fraud and emotional distress (to Tony), and $1.5 million in damages.

The dog’s Instagram profile now reads: ‘victim of sexual abuse #me2’. (Image source: Instagram)

The model claims she was sexually harassed by Tony. (Image source: Instagram)

Tony often posts photos surrounded by models on his Instagram. (Image source: Instagram)

Toutouni posted the same video on his Instagram account with the caption, “I can’t believe this thirsty girl used my dog to gain followers”.

However, in footage released by TMZ, Tony can be heard egging on his dog to hump the model, despite her saying otherwise. He can also be heard saying, “Just move your ass and let him sniff it, but act very serious.”

At one point in the video, she says “Oh my God he’s raping me!” To this, Tony replies, “Let him do it.” 

Ms. Mounira posted the video because she claims she was afraid that Tony would use it elsewhere. (Image source: Instagram)

The model also claims she was groped by billionaire Tony Toutouni. (Image source: Instagram)

The billionaire claimed that the photo shoot was conducted by a professional photographer, but the model called him out on another one of his lies; she said he was taking pictures and videos himself. She also claimed she posted the video on Instagram because she was afraid Tony would post it elsewhere before her.

She also claimed to have been groped and sexually harassed by the billionaire.

Deyana is a California based Lebanese model. (Image source: Instagram)

She has 294,000 followers on Instagram. (Image source: Instagram)

In the original uploaded video, she’s seen playing around with Hef. (Image source: Instagram)

Tony’s lawyer told TMZ, “No matter what took place in the photo shoot between Ms. Mounira and HEF, and no matter who instigated what exactly, the main takewar is that upon leaving the shoot Ms. Mounira was explicitly told NOT to post any videos of Hef as is reflects poorly on my client who is a public figure.” 

The self-proclaimed ‘Instagram famous’ billionaire also posted a photo of his lawsuit on his Instagram (since deleted). In his post, he wrote he was suing Deyana to teach her a ‘hard lesson’ on how ‘to be respectful’. He said he knew she was broke but he’d ‘put a lien on even her couch if she has one’.

Mounira claimed there was no offical photographer at the shoot, just Tony. (Image source: Instagram)

Tony lives a luxurious and raunchy life, and loves to show it off on social media. (Image source: Instagram)

Let’s wait and see how the lawsuit fares. (Image source: Instagram)

The nightclub owner often posts photos of his raunchy escapades on Instagram and boasts a following of 1.5 million people. He has now been receiving negative backlash on social media for suing the model. Moreover, his team has refused to comment on the claim that he sexually harassed Deyana Mounira.

Social media users are also beyond annoyed at the billionaire for making fun of the #MeToo campaign by changing his dog’s Instagram profile to read: “Victim of sexual abuse #me2.”

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