Lexi and Danny are a power couple, they have set new definition to couple goals. The couple set a New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of 2016 to lose weight.


Couple Goals are not just vacationing to exotic Islands and taking enviable pictures anymore. This American couple has set a new trend by losing an appreciable amount of weight together!

Couple Goals
They succeeded in making a lifestyle change and becoming the new Couple Goals! (Source: fatgirlfedup)
It all started in the beginning of 2016 when one of their mutual friends challenged them to a 30-days-diet.

Eating out, cheating meals, alcohol or soda- none of which was allowed, along with working out five times a week.

They had to learn to cook as they were not used to cooking at home previously. Living without all their favorite foods seemed difficult but they stood focused on their resolution. They began counting calories and were soon able to produce healthier versions of the stuff they loved. It helped them keep their spirits up.

Couple Goals
The couple has lost 382 lbs combined within a year and a half. (Source: fatgirlfedup)

As they said in an interview with Journal Post: “Changing our relationship with food was difficult. We learned to cook and no longer give into temptation. Changing your everyday eating is hard at first but so worth it.”

After the first month, they felt like they had blended in and did not feel like eating junk anymore. They were more motivated than ever!

Their weight had been a constant problem for them. But now they were motivated to adapt a healthier lifestyle, they wanted to do many pro-active things they saw other couples enjoy. Which included things such as hiking, walking, going to theme parks, riding on airplanes or other fun activities.

Couple Goals
It was hard at first but they kept going facing the challenges like warriors. (Source: fatgirlfedup)

But the main reason that kept them going was the desire to become parents. They knew, with their obesity problems, they would not be able to conceive a healthy pregnancy.

“We wanted to be parents in the future so when we were having bad days and didn’t want to work out, we would use the mantra ‘Baby Reed 2016’”


Couple Goals
They can finally do things that they have longed for like hiking, going for walks, working out and more. (Source: fatgirlfedup)

Lexi and Danny worked as each other’s support system and picked each other up during bad times which they called their “Buddy System”.

“The support was equal, at one point Danny injured his ankle and was out of the gym for a few months but never gave up and always supported me”, said Lexi.

With time, the thought of quitting had left their minds and they became addicted to their lighter and healthier selves. They did not want to live on the edge anymore but wanted to go out and experience mother nature.

Couple Goals
Their journey has given them a new way to connect to each other. (Source: fatgirlfedup)

After one and half year of sheer determination and hard work, both of them have lost 382 lbs combined.

No surgery, no pills, no trainer- just patience and commitment!

This journey has actually given them a new life and has positively impacted their relationship in many ways. Now they go hiking, go for long walks and work out together unlike before, when they would sit on the couch, binge-watch Netflix and eat pizza.

Couple Goals
With only 2 more to go, Lexi wants to hit 300 lbs! (Source: fatgirlfedup)

The couple feels happier than ever and are extremely proud that they have come so far! Every day they wake up feeling grateful for everything, specifically their old selves who showed the courage to take up such a challenge and prove everyone wrong.

Couple Goals
Danny and Lexi are an inspiration to others! (Source: fatgirlfedup)

Lexi has lost 298 lbs already and hopes to reach 300 lbs soon while Danny has lost 84 lbs and is determined to lose more and gain muscle. The duo had a message for the ones struggling to maintain a healthy living:


“Never give up and always pick yourself up if you fall. Focus on each day, not how far you have to go and the small changes will add up to big results!”

They surely are an inspiration for others and without doubt are couple goals!


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