This 17-year-old uses body paint and makeup to transform herself into her favorite characters!


We all associate body painting with carnivals. Little kids running around with butterflies, spiderwebs, mickey mouse and other small objects drawn on their cheeks or their hands.

Body Painting
This is a white walker, in case you haven’t seen Game of Thrones (yet). (Source: Lauren Ward)

Fx_freak, an Instagram page, is taking body painting to a whole new level! Behind the crazy looks is a teenager, Lauren Ward. She’s only 17-years old and is a total pro at face/body painting.

“While other teens my age go to parties, I stay home to create monsters, movie characters, and mythical creatures instead!”

She was home sick one day, in the 8th grade, and watched videos on YouTube that inspired her to start painting.

Body Painting
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub. (Source: Lauren Ward)

‘I came across a girl by the name of ‘MadeYewLook’ who turned herself into a voodoo doll for fun with body paints and eye shadows.’

After giving the world of body paint a go, she fell in love with turning herself into different creations. As she likes to say:

‘That one paint ignited a creative fire within me!’


Looking at her work, how impressive is it? One would not realize that she has not studied makeup professionally. It’s even harder to think that she is only 17 years old!

Body Painting
The Green Lantern, right out of the Marvel comics! (Source: Lauren Ward)

Lauren taught herself different body painting techniques based on the things she learnt by simply watching YouTube videos. And because of her amazing talent she sure is getting her fair share of fame!

She started to make YouTube videos because people wanted to see how she transformed herself into different characters. While she wasn’t really savvy with the video editor back then but she’s an absolute pro at it now!

As with every artist, she also has her inspirations. She names ‘MadeYewLook’, Jordan Hanz, Ve Neill (makeup artist for Beetlejuice) and Tim Burton as her inspirations. She especially loves Tim Burton and his style, as well as all the films that he’s been a part of.

Surprisingly, she also said:

“Another big inspiration for me is the whole month of October. I love the spooky feeling in the air which causes me to create creepier things.”

Her favorite look yet is the Hitchhiking Ghost from Disney’s The Haunted Mansion.

Body Painting
Lauren calls The Hitchhikers Ghost her favorite look yet! (Source: Lauren Ward)

She added:

“I was inspired because I’ve never seen someone try to transform themselves into one of the ghost so I thought I would give it a try! I’m so glad that I did! I even ate dinner with my family as the ghost!”

As for her future plans she said that she plans on becoming a makeup artist for film and TV.


Body Painting
What a horrifying transformation! (Source: Lauren Ward)

After graduating high school (yes high school!), she plans to attend VAMP which is the Vocational Academy for Makeup and Prosthetics located in Orlando, Florida.

Lauren is super excited to see what the future holds for her and we hope it’s more amazing transformations!


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