Tragic! Popular Vegan YouTube Vlogger Dies of Cancer After Claiming Her Vegan Diet and Faith in God Helped Cure Her Cancer!

by Faryal

Mari Lopez, a YouTube vlogger and creator of Liz and Mari, claimed that her vegan diet was a cure for cancer. But unfortunately, despite her claims, Mari has died of cancer.


Liz and Mari talking to each other. (Source: YouTube)

Mari was the creator of a YouTube series Liz & Mari where she along with her niece apprised audiences about how a strict vegan diet and faith in God could be a solid cure for cancer.

She backed this by stating how her own fourth stage cancer was cured by veganism and her utmost faith in the higher deity. Mari also described how lemon and ginger juice was instrumental in curing her cancer.


Liz and Mari are YouTube vloggers. (Source: YouTube)

Sadly, despite her newfound cure for her fourth stage cancer, Mari lost her battle with cancer and died.

Mari’s health was well until Liz posted in summer 2017 that ‘She’s not feeling well’. Her condition kept getting worse and she was taken to the hospital in December 2017 and died two days later.

Her health deteriorated due to blood cancer, which severely affected her body organs. Her niece updated on her Facebook saying, “The doctors have given her only days to live.”


Mari’s health deteriorated in 2017. (Source: YouTube)


The doctors said she only had a few days to live. (Source: YouTube)

The super aunt and niece duo had an incredible fan following on YouTube. They had 11,761 subscribers to their YouTube channel who followed Mari’s recipes for juices that could cure their deadly illness.


Mari teaching how to make one of her juices. (Source: YouTube)

Mari also uploaded a video that was titled ‘Stage 4 Cancer Healed by Juicing & Raw Vegan Diet Part One’. This video had a whopping 300,000 views on YouTube. The second part of the video had superseded the first one with a further 100,000 more views.

Her niece shared with Babe that change in her aunt’s diet could have been the reason for her demise.

She said, “She was following a raw vegan style [diet]. My family is no familiar with that style of living… What happened was, as Mari was living with my mom, my mom started to tell her that she needed to eat meat now. She said it was OK to use things that she didn’t want to use.”

She continued, “My aunt was very against the microwave because of cancer-causing issues with that, and my mom would cook her things using the microwave.”


Her cancer severely affected her liver and lungs. (Source: YouTube)


Her niece thinks her diet was the reason for her death. (Source: YouTube)

She further added, “My mom would buy her burgers and things like that, and she didn’t want to eat that but after a while she just was just OK with it. When you give in too many times, you just end up saying whatever.”

“I feel like that’s what caused the issues. That’s where the inconsistencies were. She was telling people in her videos that people needed to eat this way, but at the same time she was having her own struggle” she concluded.


One of Maria’s juices that she drank for good health. (Source: YouTube)

According to Liz, her aunt truly and strongly believed in the healing abilities of a vegan diet. She believed that was truly able to cure her cancer by her diet and juices and her new lifestyle also made her give up her sexual orientation.


Mari had a lot of faith in God and her vegan diet as a cure. (Source: YouTube)


Mari using a cucumber in her recipe for one of the juices. (Source: YouTube)

In one of the videos, she said, “I was healed by God and faith and used to live a gay lifestyle.”

Her niece wishes to continue making videos in order to help people cure cancer.

Liz said, “I still agree with the message completely. I would agree with it and I still go behind that message. You have your spiritual side and your physical side that work together to improve you as a whole. That’s the message.”


Liz plans to carry on her aunt’s effort by making more videos. (Source: YouTube)

May Mari’s soul rest in peace.

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