Photos of a Russian policewoman performing her duties during the FIFA World Cup have gone viral on Twitter

by Asfa Shakeel

A Russian policewoman has gone viral on social media ever since images of her performing her duties during the FIFA World Cup were shared online.


A Russian policewoman has gone viral on social media. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

A Japenese Twitter user with the handle took to Twitter to share pictures of a certain cop. The images were captioned, “Russian cavalry cop.

Since the tweet was posted on 7 June, it has been retweeted more than 48,000 times and liked more than 157,000 times.

The policewoman in question is Sergeant Zimina, an officer that is working with the mounted police in Moscow. Her Instagram bio reads, “After all, the main thing is that someone understands your madness.”

The officer regularly posts photos, sharing her activities on her days off and the details of her job as a policewoman. She also writes lengthy captions detailing her opinions about the FIFA World Cup and other current events. Her account has over 21,500 followers.


Images of her were posted by a Japanese attendee at the FIFA World Cup. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)


She regularly posts on social media. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)


She has more than 21,000 followers. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

Part of one of the translated captions on her social media celebrating Russia’s role in the FIFA World Cup reads, “Jubilant foreigners, like the Russians, flooded all the bars. The entire news line is crammed with photos of TVs, from the coming match. And now let’s be honest. After all, no one believed in the victory of the Russian team in the first match. But having shown an incredible result, they struck everyone. Today, the second, for us, game, and the guys do not slow down at all. We will believe in another victory! The beginning of the second half 2: 0! (sic)


She posts updates about the World Cup. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

Another one of her captions reads, “There is no more attractive woman than the one who liked herself (sic).


She also posts updates on her life regularly. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

In Russia, celebrating the beauty of policewomen is a common occurrence. The Russian Interior Ministry established the precedent of sharing photos of beautiful policewomen online. Since then, many accounts on social media have dedicated themselves to showcasing the beauty of Russian woman.


Russia celebrates policewomen and their beauty often. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

In 2016, Russia actually held a competition to find the prettiest female police officer as part of its Day of Police celebrations. The event was intended to show that policewomen can be strong as well as beautiful.


In 2016, a competition to celebrate the beauty of policewomen was held. (Image source: Instagram/Татьяна Зима)

The final match of the FIFA World Cup will take place in Moscow on July 15.

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