Real Madrid fan proves her team spirit is unstoppable by being decked out in the football club’s colors on her graduation

by Asfa Shakeel

21-year-old Jenna Chami graduated with Real Madrid’s colors overshadowing her school spirit. The graphic design graduate took her graduation as an opportunity to show where her true loyalties lie.

Real Madrid

Jenna Chami wore Real Madrid colors to her graduation. (Copyright – Journal Post)

Jenna told Journal Post (EXCLUSIVELY) that she has been an avid supporter of Real Madrid for a long time now, though she has a special inclination towards the club ever since Kaka joined. She said, “Real Madrid has been the team I’ve been supporting ever since Kaka joined them back in 2009. I was so young and Kaka was the first footballer I supported, so it made sense to support the team he plays for. And since then, I’ve been a die-hard-madridista.”

Real Madrid

She has been a supporter of the club since 2009. (Copyright – Journal Post)

The Lebanese American University (LAU) senior said that while graduating, she noticed that many of the students were wearing honorary scarves, and wanted to do the same. She said, “I graduated this spring and I noticed how many students had their honorary scarves, so I decided to wear the scarf that matters to me the most on such a big day for me.”

Real Madrid

She said she decided to wear the most important scarf to her big day. (Copyright – Journal Post)

To represent her favorite club, Jenna decided to display their colors during her graduation ceremony. She said she took her Real Madrid scarf with her into the ceremony. She added, “I wore it around campus and kept it with me while waiting to graduate. The graduates were sitting and waiting to receive their diplomas, and I was among them holding my Real Madrid scarf and keeping it around my neck when I could.”

Real Madrid

She kept her scarf on even where it was not allowed. (Copyright – Journal Post)

For Jenna, it was just another celebration to add to many others she was in the middle of as a graduate of Lebanese American University, “Graduating as a graphic designer from the LAU is a huge success, and so I wanted to add another successful touch, which is Real Madrid. It was my own way of celebrating the 13 CL.”

Real Madrid

This was her way of celebrating Real Madrid’s 13th Champion League. (Copyright – Journal Post)

She added that she did not tell anyone before wearing the scarf, thinking it would be laughed off. When she finally wore it, many of her class fellows were surprised at her choice of graduation attire, but she liked what she wore and did not care for opinions.

She said, “I did not tell anyone before wearing it. I knew many would think it’s a silly thing to do, so I just kept it to myself and did it, and I definitely received a lot of stares. Some laughed, some were confused because that wasn’t supposed to be worn, and some were surprised, but most importantly, I felt happy.”

Real Madrid

She said she did not care that people judged her for her choice of outfit. (Copyright – Journal Post)

While choosing a favorite player is nearly impossible for the Real Madrid fanatic, she said that if she had to choose, she would pick Isco (Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez).

She added that while she wore the scarf to the graduation for the fun of it, a small part of her hoped someone from the club would see what she had done and reach out. She said, “Any type of recognition from the club would mean the world to me.”

Real Madrid

Her favorite Real Madrid player is Isco. (Image source: Twitter/Jenna)

Jenna’s Twitter account is full of football references among updates about her life.

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