Social Media is going crazy with memes about the viral G7 Summit photograph

by Shariq Vohra

The G7 summit recently hosted world leaders from seven industrialists nations, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA and UK, to meet and discuss issues regarding gender equality, climate change, and diversity in Quebec, Canada. 

G7 Summit

The image showed Angela and Trump going head to head over issues. (Image source: Twitter/David Mack)

People on social media could not help but create hysterical memes on an image posted earlier during the summit. German chancellor, Angela Merkel posted an image on her official Instagram account which followed up to a number of memes.

Merkel can be seen standing behind a table with her hands pressed firmly onto it while she stares directly at Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the POTUS was seen sitting with his hands folded on the other side of the table.

Some of the few memes that were created from this photograph are as follows:

Cameron Bailey, a Canadian film critic, posted a few memes on his Twitter account which were absolutely hilarious. His caption read, When Art History comes for you.”

G7 Summit

The memes were absolutely hilarious. (Image source: Twitter/Cameron Bailey)

G7 Summit

Cameron Bailey posted these memes on social media. (Image source: Twitter/Cameron Bailey)

One image showed how much of a ‘work of art’ was this summit, as the photograph was seen hanging in a museum. Another image showed the famous picture of Jesus photoshopped and merged with this year’s G7 Summit’s picture.

G7 Summit

Bailey called it a “work of art”. (Image source: Twitter/Cameron Bailey)

G7 Summit

The famous Jesus picture was merged with the G7 Summit photograph. (Image source: Twitter/Cameron Bailey)

The Simpsons were on board the meme train too. The popular sit-com did it again by a meme which showed how similar the scene of Homer Simpson was with Donald Trump’s.

Another user compared the German chancellor with her grandmother and the way she scolds her when she does something bad.

One of the users compared the photograph with the scene from the US hit reality show ‘The Apprentice’ on which Donald Trump used to host and famously ‘fire’ contestants.

One of the memes showed how arrogant and childish Donald Trump was being at the summit, as he left early before the summit could come up with a unanimous solution to the problems discussed. This meme showed Trump saying to the rest of the leaders, “Fine! I will just leave and go have my very own private summit with Kim.” Kim Kardashian or Kim Jong Un?

One meme showed how much Justin Trudeau felt annoyed and let down with the whole circumstances that the summit had put him into, as the user described his look as “The look of a host who’s wishing he had invited different guests”

Another meme proved to be very ironic, as it showed Donald Trump in a baby chair, which actually was the case at this year’s G7 Summit where an arrogant Trump refused to take out valuable results and left early from the summit.

One of the users could actually relate to the photograph with the fight that he, or really any one of us, has with our siblings over the TV Remote and its whereabouts.

One of the users could not help but pull Trump’s leg about the recent controversy surrounding the disappearance of Melania Trump from all public outings.

While hundreds of memes were storming the social media by the minute, one of the users took time to appreciate how ‘stunning’ the picture is, as he called it the ‘greatest political photograph ever.’

Lastly, another user posted a picture from the same angle showing leaders of the G7 Summit laughing it out.

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