Palestinian resistance fighter Ahed Tamimi, 17, released after being imprisoned for slapping an Israeli soldier

by Umey Aimen

Ahed Tamimi became the youngest face of political resistance in Palestine after slapping an Israeli soldier in anger and sheer bravery. She has now been released.

Tamimi’s mother was also imprisoned along with her because she had live streamed the entire incident that happened on December 15th’ 2017.

ahed tamimi released

Ahed Tamimi with her family after being released. (Image source: Instagram)

In December 2017, she had just gotten the news of one of her cousins being brutally shot by the Israeli occupation forces and as an outlet to express her anger and outrage she kicked and slapped an Israeli soldier who was on duty just outside her house.

ahed tamimi released

Ahed in police custody. (Image source: Twitter)

The Israeli military court declared Ahed guilty of four charges including assault, incitement, and two counts of obstructing soldiers. The court proceedings were held in closed doors but her case gained worldwide attention through human rights agencies and other resistant organizations. They voiced their concerns for not only Ahed but also against the arrest and detention of young Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces in Palestine.

However, after finishing her required prison time, both Ahed and her mother were released earlier on July 29, 2018. They were greeted by a huge crowd and liberation flags were set up all around their hometown, Nabi Saleh.

ahed tamimi released

Ahed Tamimi’s hometown Nabi Saleh. (Image source: Instagram)

Speaking to media personnel, Ahed said, “The resistance continues until the occupation is removed and all the female prisoners are steadfast. I salute everyone who supported me and my case.”

Although Ahed is in good spirits, the damage being done to Palestinian children needs to be condemned and ceased. Saleh Higazi, head of Amnesty International’s Jerusalem office, said Ahed had served an “unjust sentence based on the ridiculous premise that she posed a threat to armed and heavily protected soldiers. This is a huge relief for Ahed Tamimi’s loved ones, but their joy will be tempered by the injustice of her imprisonment and the grim knowledge that many more Palestinian children still languish in Israeli jails, many despite not having committed any recognisable crime.”

While speaking to the media,  Ahed’s father Basim Tamimi told that other prisons had helped his daughter complete her high school exams in jail, and she had received scholarship offers for universities abroad.

One cannot shy away from declaring Ahed Tamimi as the new Rosa Parks. The faces of resistance fighters might change but their struggle remains the same!

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