Kim Kardashian sticks to her commitment for legal reform by voicing her support for death-row prisoner Kevin Cooper

by Asfa Shakeel

Since Alice Marie Johnson’s release, Kim Kardashian has moved on to the wrongful jailing of Kevin Cooper, who is currently on death row.

Kevin Cooper

(Image source: The Times)

In 1983, a home invasion resulted in the death of couple Doug and Peggy, both 41, their 10 year old daughter Jessica and the 11 year old neighbor’s kid, Chris Hughes. The sole survivor from this attack was 8 year old Josh, whose throat had been slashed and he had been left for dead. Josh later described three white men as having been the people that had broken in and attacked his family. A woman also later showed up to the local sheriff to turn her boyfriend in. The boyfriend was a white man who had recently been released from jail. His girlfriend submitted his bloody coveralls that matched evidence from the crime scene. In a shocking display of injustice the the police threw away the coveralls in favor of their own investigations, which led them to Cooper through a series of planted evidence.

At the time, Cooper was 25 years old and had a criminal record dating back to when he was only 7. In late 1982, Cooper was put in prison again and escaped in 1983, walking away from jail across an open field. He was camped out in a house 125 yards away from the crime scene for two days. Seeing the perfect opportunity to showcase their problem solving, the police arrested Cooper for the four murders that took place in the home invasion. Over the next few days, evidence showed up in places it had not been found before, but none of these troubling details were investigated. After a racially charged trial where Cooper was also accused of being a homosexual (a detail that was used against him), he was arrested. He was meant to be executed in 2004 but the execution was postponed.

In May, journalist NIcholas Kristof wrote a piece for the Times detailing all the facts of the case and imploring Governor Jerry Brown to allow the DNA testing he has refused all this time, even though Cooper’s defense has assured that they will pay for it. It will allow a definitive end to any ambiguity over Cooper’s guilt. Since the article was published, the case has been brought to the attention of a wider audience, including Pope Francis and Kim Kardashian. She tweeted at the Governor back in May that something should be done about the DNA tests.

Kevin Cooper

(Image source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian)

Since this movement, Governor Brown has reached out to Cooper’s lawyers and asked what the realistic next steps should be. He has also asked them to provide the details of the DNA testing, making those invested in this case believe that he will change his mind about disallowing the test.

Kardashian tweeted an updated article on this case a few hours ago detailing that the efforts made by everyone might just save Cooper from execution.

Kevin Cooper

(Image source: Twitter/Kim Kardashian)

Before this case, Kardashian was heavily invested in the case of Alice Marie Johnson, a great grandmother who was given a life sentence for a first time, non-violent offense. Kim utilized her social media platform and went so far as to go meet Donald Trump personally, and helped free Johnson from prison. At the time, she emphasized that her work did not end with this one case.

Kevin Cooper

(Image source: Youtube/Mic)

Kim’s commitment to making the legal process fairer has resonated well with her followers.

Kim Kardashian has yet to disclose what the details of her involvement in Kevin Cooper’s case are.

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