Prince William visits Jordan’s archaeological site to recreate Kate Middleton’s childhood picture

by Rahma Altaf

Prince William visited Jerash, an archaeological site in Jordan, to help recreate the Duchess of Cambridge’s childhood memory.

When Kate was a little girl, she posed in the Roman ruined city in Jordan. Recently, the Duke of Cambridge visited the very same spot.

Prince William jordan

Prince William visited Jerash in Jordan. (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

Prince William jordan

When the Duke saw the photo, he humorously commented on her fathers flip flops. (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

The Duke saw how well-maintained and well-preserved the first century Roman city of Jerash was. In the 1980s, it was that place where the Duchess, her father Michael and her sister Pippa visited and took a picture as a trio.

When he arrived at the area, he was surprised by as a special gesture; there was a 2ft by 3ft enlargement of the image that was taken by Kate during her childhood days. When the Duke saw the photo, he was touched. He pointed at the picture and started smiling. He commented, “Michael’s looking very smart in his flip-flops.”

Prince William jordan

The Prince was touched by the portrait. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

As a gift to his wife, the Duke recreated the photo memory by standing in the same spot that his wife stood in when she was small. He then said, “Need to come back with the family for this shot.”

In a speech after the Duke arrived in Jordan for a historic visit, he told everyone how much his wife ‘loved’ living in Jordan when she was a child. In May 1984, the Duchess’ family moved to Jordan and lived there for three years. Kate was only two years old and her younger sister, Pippa, was only eight months old. They moved to Jordan because their father Michael worked as a British Airways manager and his job required him to shift to the Jordanian capital of Amman. After the three years were over, the family moved back to the United Kingdom.

Kensington Palace posted the Duke’s arrival on Twitter. They said, “The Duke of Cambridge and The Crown Prince arrive at the spectacular Jerash archaeological site, a first century Roman city, and one of Jordan’s greatest tourist attractions.”

kensington palace twitter

Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

They posted another tweet which explained, “The Duke of Cambridge visited Jerash, the same site that The Duchess of Cambridge visited, aged 4, with her sister and father when the family lived in Jordan.”

Prince William jordan

Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace

Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein joined Prince William on his tour of Jordan. The Duke toured the ruin’s famous cardo maximus, which is the city’s main road. It has erected columns and is designed with original stones where the chariots wore the groves.

Prince William jordan

Jordan’s Prince Hussein joined him on his tour. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

Prince William

The Duke said that his wife, Kate Middleton, loved Jordan. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

The director of museums at the Jordan’s Department of Antiquities, Samia Khouri, was the tour guide for both the Princes.

She spoke about his expressions when he saw the enlarged photo. She said, “He was very surprised when he saw the photo he did not expect that. But that’s why he was here, because he wanted to take a photo at the same spot where Kate was photographed.”

Prince William jordan

Samia Khouri gave Prince Hussein and Prince William the tour. (Image source: Instagram/Al Hussein bin Abdullah II)

Prince William jordan

The Prince even took a visit to north Jordan to see the QRF base. (Image source: Instagram/Kensington Palace)

After the Jerash ruins, Prince William traveled to the northern Jordan to see the Quick Reaction Force (QRF) base, which had been formed in association with the British military.

He then joined students in a kitchen for a lesson on coffee-making, heard the stories of orphaned women in Jordan, and posed with Syrian refugees in a photography workshop – as reported by the Kensington Palace.

Prince William jordan

The Prince went for a local lesson on coffee-making. (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

Prince William jordan

He heard the stories of orphaned women who were abandoned or snatched from their parent. (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

Prince William jordan

He also met Syrian refugees in Jordan. (Image source: Twitter/Kensington Palace)

The Prince is now on an official visit to Isreal – a first by a senior member of the Royal Family.

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