All Storm, No Lining! Donald Trump Apparently Had Sex with a Waitress During an Important Business Meeting!

by Nayab

A British entrepreneur, Peter de Savary, has recently claimed that his wife caught Donald Trump having sex with a waitress, in the corridor, while he was on an important business meeting!

It seems Trump is in trouble, yet again.


President Trump is facing more sexual misconduct accusations (Source: Getty Images)

Top British entrepreneur and businessman, Peter de Savary, claims that his wife Lana saw POTUS get down with a waitress.

De Savary is the previous owner of Skibo Castle in Sutherland. He met Trump to finalize plans for the development of a resort in Florida. He also claims that the President stole his idea to build the Mar-a-Lago resort following their meeting.


POTUS has not officially commented but is expected to. (Source: Getty Images)



Businessman and entrepreneur Peter de Savary with wife Lana. (Source: Getty Images)

Trump attended the meeting alone, which makes some sense, considering he’s the guy in charge of the USA.

However, De Savary didn’t see it that way.

He claims that because he had asked his wife Lana to join the meeting, it was strange that POTUS left then wife Ivana at home.


Trump did not take then wife Ivana to his business meeting with De Savary. (Source: Getty Images)



De Savary apparently asked Trump to bring his partner but POTUS allegedly came alone on purpose. (Source: Getty Images)

“I had the whole thing worked out, everything that I would do to the club: beautifully done, very tasteful, classy,” De Savary complained to the Daily Mail.

“Halfway through the lunch he [Trump] says: ‘Excuse me, I’ve got a very important conference call to make,’ and he disappears.”


De Savary and wife Lana are sticking true to their claims (Source: Getty Images)

“Then, a minute later, Lana, my wife, says: ‘I need to go to the loo.’ She comes back very rapidly, ashen-faced. I say: ‘What’s the matter?'” He continued.


Peter De Savary also claims that Trump stole his ideas and business deal (Source: Getty Images)

“She said: ‘I took the second on the left as you said, and the girl who was serving us lunch had her skirt up and Trump was having sex with her in the corridor’.” He elaborated.

The interview then went on. De Savary gave more details about his frustration with Trump.


Trump has not commented but supporters are denying the claims made against him. (Source: Getty Images)


De Savary also claims that he lost to a bidding war with the president and was cheated out of it (Source: Getty Images)

Apparently, he got the short end of the stick in a business bidding war with the future president.

He could not acquire the Palm Beach property.

De Savary went on, saying, “So, anyway, he comes back and he says: ‘We gotta do this together, Peter,’so naively, I gave him 100 percent of my vision.”


De Savary is a multi millionaire and bought out Land’s End at Pall Mall back in the day. (Source: Getty Images)

Trump responded positively, saying, “I’ll be calling you shortly, we’ll go fifty-fifty.”

The deal went sour when De Savary allegedly found out that Trump had changed is mind.


Trump has previously been accused of an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels. (Source: Getty Images)

The future world leader decided to go about the deal by himself and poached all of De Savary’s idea as well.

De Savary gave a play by play in his interview:

“He said: ‘Peter, I loved everything you said, absolutely fantastic – I’m doing it all myself.’”


POTUS supporters say that De Savary wants to create more bad press for the man in charge (Source: Getty Images)

“I said: ‘You bastard.’”

“He said: ‘You shouldn’t have talked so much, you convinced me.’”

“So, that’s the man you have as a president. Takes ‘conference calls’ and doesn’t respect a handshake.”


Trump is usually always seen with current wife and FLOTUS Melania when he travels. (Source: Getty Images)

This claim is closely followed by news that POTUS had turned some tricks with porn-star Stormy Daniels.

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Trump with daughter Ivanka (R) as she smiles about a speech he delivered. (Source: Getty Images)

Allegedly, he also paid her $130,000 to keep quiet about having sex with him. The adult film actress responded with nothing but a smile when asked about the affair.


Everyone is waiting to see how POTUS will explain himself after this new claim. (Source: Getty Images)

More news to follow as The White House hasn’t commented yet.

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