Teenage Model, Ivana Smit’s Final Moments Before Death Revealed! She Was Found Kicking Her Legs Up and Down in the Arms of Cryptocurrency Trader Alexander Johnson; Local Police Said She Committed Suicide But it Might Have Been a Murder

by Faryal

Horrifying details about the death of a teenage Dutch model, Ivana Smit, have surfaced. The young model is said to have jumped from the apartment of Alexander Amado Johnson, who is an American cryptocurrency trader and businessman, and his wife, Luna.

However, a British private investigator believes that it was MURDER rather than suicide!

The teenage model’s naked dead body was found at 3 pm on the 6th floor of the apartment building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has been reported that she fell 14 stories from the balcony of Alex and Luna’s apartment.

Teenage Model

Ivana was a teenage model. (Source: Instagram)

The night before her death she attended a party hosted by the couple, who are known to be ‘swingers’. Drugs were also available at the party.

Teenage Model

Alexander Johnson and Luna Johnson are suspected to be involved in Ivana’s murder. (Source: Instagram)

The victim’s father, Mr. Marcel Smit does not believe his daughter committed suicide. According to a source, he stated, “I am angry and I cannot accept the death of my daughter. Why did she die? Why why why?”

He further stated, “It’s going to be a mission in life to find out who did this to her and to see them receive life sentences or a death penalty.” 

Teenage Model

Ivana’s father was devastated to learn about her death. (Source: Instagram)

He was also told by people that the couple were swingers and were famous to take models back to their place to have sex with them.

Teenage Model

Alexander and his wife celebrating Christmas. (Source: Facebook)

According to the second autopsy report carried out by Dutch pathologist, Frank van de Goot, it was discovered that since there was less blood found at the spot where the model fell, it’s possible that she was dead beforehand.

Teenage Model

Ivana’s body was found naked on the sixth floor of the apartment building. (Source: Instagram)

A private investigator, Mark Williams-Thomas, also believes that the model did not commit suicide but she was murdered.

In an interview with Belgium’s TV Limburg, he said, “I have no doubt. From the evidence that I have collected this week, and other information that we have through the forensics, we are in a position to say very clearly: If this was being dealt with in the UK, it would be treated as a homicide investigation.”

Teenage Model

Ivana was a happy person who never had drugs. (Source: Instagram)

DailyMail was able to recover exclusive footage from the CCTV camera in the club where Ivana attended the party hosted by the couple at Club 9 in Kuala Lumpur.

In the footage, Alex can be seen carrying Ivana in his arms waiting for an elevator. His wife Luna stands behind him with three other people in the background.

The time at this point is 5:22 am. The model can be seen showing some form of resistance as she kicked her legs up and down in the arms of the cryptocurrency dealer.

Upon revelation of this footage to Ivana’s family, her uncle Fred Agenjo Weinhold posed some pretty pertinent questions. He asked, “This is disturbing. I don’t know why she is being carried. Johnson is taking Ivana in his hands, his wife is behind.”

Teenage Model

The autopsy showed that Ivana had consumed ecstasy and cocaine. (Source: Instagram)

The couple has also described their side of the story to the police. According to their narrative, Alex and Luna brought Ivana back to their apartment and she slept on their couch in the living room.

Teenage Model

Ivana has her hair tied in braids. (Source: Instagram)

Ivana was still sleeping when Luna woke up at 8 am to drop her daughter off to school. When Luna came back, she found that Ivana was missing from the couch. However, she assumed the model has left for a project she had the next day and went to bed.

Teenage Model

The couple with their daughter. (Source: Instagram)

At 3 pm, the two were woken up by the police who had discovered Ivana’s dead body. According to the autopsy, the model had alcohol, ecstacy, and cocaine in her system.

Her boyfriend, Lukas Karmer, found it odd because according to him Ivana preferred having a healthy lifestyle.

He said,“I had never known her to take drugs, not at all. We went to the gym together and she liked an active, healthy lifestyle.”

Teenage Model

Ivana kissing her boyfriend, Lukas. (Source: Instagram)

He further added, “She was happy, she was really happy. I cannot accept it was suicide in any way. If you had asked me who was the least (likely) person to commit suicide, then I would have said Ivana for sure. She had a positive attitude all the time. She liked a drink or a beer like anybody else. But nothing like drugs, no way…no way.”

Teenage Model

Ivana’s father won’t rest until he finds out what happened to his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

The couple has appeared in court on drug charges and no charges have been made against them in Ivana’s murder case.

Luna told, “We will be proved innocent.”

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