Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) is a place where all your childhood fantasies come true. This academy gives you the opportunity to become a real mermaid. It was a campaign started by Normeth Preglo, a dive shop owner and instructor. Its first academy was opened in Boracay’s Island in 2012.


Normeth shared the interesting story behind this swimming academy with us. She said, “My passion for mermaids led to yet another quest to search for a Halloween costume. I discovered an online mermaid community and came up with the idea. Then I decided to share this plan of creating mermaid activity with a teaching concept.”

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This academy gives you the opportunity to become a real mermaid. (source: PMSA)

Preglo first shared the idea with a long time friend. Her friend Anamie, who is a New York certified make-up artist and former co-founder of Groupon Philippines. And she saw the business potential with her idea.

“It is after all, every girl’s dream to be a mermaid. The appeal of this concept was hard to ignore.”

Together with common friend Franziska Limmer, who is also a kite boarding instructor and licensed scuba diver. They laid foundation for PMSA.

PMSA wants to create a safe and fun atmosphere supervised by our trained and certified instructors. (Source: PMSA)Presently, PMSA has 3 branches in Philippines and more than 3 branches all over the world. They are registered under the International Mermaid Swimming Instructor’s Association (IMSIA), also founded by Normeth herself. She briefed us a little about this association and how it caters to the global demands of this academy.

“This association will enable more schools to open across the globe and create a career path for certified instructors. It will be a portal where members can share information on new teaching techniques, share new ideas, promote school events and activity. The goal is to create a community of like-minded people.”

Normeth Preglo founded the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association. (Source: PMSA)

The overall experience will only cost you around 2000 Philippine Peso. The academy told us that it includes all other costs and fees. “Our rates vary depending on the location but our most popular class is the ‘Intro to Mermaid-ing’ which is around Php 2,000 – 2,500.”

They further stated that all rates are listed on their website. The total fee includes the mermaid tail. However, the students need to bring sunscreen, goggles and underwater camera (optional) to document their mermaid experience.”

Normeth also launch mermaid tail company: (Source: PMSA)
IMSIA also gives you the chance to become a mermaid instructor. It can help you open your own mermaid school.

The academy also told us, “The association conducts the extensive training courses for candidates who seek to become mermaid performers and instructors. It will also help those who want to open their own mermaid school. Hence, it is the certifying body of all member mermaid schools across the globe.”


With this concept, the academy is able to widen the reach and accessibility of “mermaid-ing” to everyone. (Source: PMSA)

Finally, talking to us about their future projects, the academy told us that they wish to expand this business and spread the ‘mermaid’ trend to more and more people across the globe.

“Our goal is to constantly improve, innovate and also make ‘mermaid-ing’ an industry. Bring joy and happiness to everyone all over the world who have dreams of being a mermaid regardless of race, age or gender.”


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