High School Students Suspended For Uploading ‘Upskirt’ Video of Teacher on Adult Site

by Myra E.

Two students from Christchurch Boys’ High School, New Zealand, were suspended for lewd photography and uploading video footage of a teacher on a pornography website.

Christchurch Boys' High School

Christchurch Boys’ High School, one of the oldest and most prestigious secondary schools in New Zealand, now gripped in controversy. (Source: Instagram)

This is not the first time the high school has been embroiled in controversy. Just last year, another student from CBHS allegedly took an upskirt photo of a female teacher.


Crusaders Rugby Team playing outside Christchurch Boys’ High School while spectators look on. (Source: Instagram)

Nic Hill, Headmaster of CBHS, confirmed that the boys involved in the incident have been suspended effective immediately due to sharing the video “inappropriately”. He also mentioned that the lewd upskirt photo taken last year had not been circulated, unlike this video which was uploaded onto an adult website.

The school has previously seen a similar incident of upskirt photos taken. (Source: Getty Images)


Aerial view of Christchurch Boys’ High School, one of the oldest secondary schools in New Zealand. (Source: Instagram)

Hill has also urged parents to speak to their sons about respecting teachers and upholding the values that the institution stands for. He said that the school is taking the issue very seriously and has banned use of cellular phones during classes, “unless the boys have had a clear and specific instruction from a teacher”.

Christchurch High School

During the Christchurch High School Semi Final match between Christ’s College and Timaru Boys’ High School in New Zealand. (Source: Getty Images)

Cell phone usage has not been completely banned during school hours, but is not allowed during classes. Hill added that he was pleased that students had come forward to report the recent incident to him as that showed their belief in the school’s moral code.

The school has encouraged parents to speak to children about privacy and respect. (Source: Getty Images)


Charles the Flamingo, the official mascot of CBHS. (Source: Instagram)

Hill stressed that it was not technology that was to be blamed, but rather bad judgment on the students’ part. “Boys, at times, have got things wrong,” he said.

He also urged all schools to have digital policies in place and have guidelines for use of digital technologies in schools. With the growing rate of such incidents, his argument carries weight.

Hills pointed out that cellphone usage must be restricted during classes. (Source: Getty Images)

Hill also pointed out that cell phones were a cause of distraction during school hours and further urged parents to monitor cell phone usage of their children.

Christchurch Boys’ High School grounds. (Source: Instagram)

Christ’s College celebrate their 198 win over Christchurch Boys High School in their 1st XV rugby match played at Christ’s College, Christchurch, Tuesday. (Source: Getty Images)

According to The New Zealand Herald, police have been contacted after the recent disturbing incident. NZ Police and Netsafe, New Zealand’s independent not-for-profit safety organization, are now involved in the investigation concerning the two students. Netsafe has not confirmed its involvement, since its services are confidential under the Harmful Digital Communications Act.

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