The New McDonald’s Grand Big Mac Already Sold Out!

by Shariq Vohra

The super-sized version of McDonald’s Big Mac was launched this week and it is already suffering from a ‘nationwide shortage’!


McDonalds launched their new limited edition Big Macs. (Source: Instagram)

The Grand Big Mac holding 741 calories was released at a price just under £4, compared to the original’s 508 calories of £3.

McDonalds launched Grand Big Mac and Mac Jr. (Source: Instagram)

There was a huge hype for the new burger in town, and so burger lovers made sure to try the super-sized monster, Grand Big Mac, as soon as possible. Its demand was incredibly high and is going strong, as of now.


McDonalds announced their burgers on Twitter and Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

This new burger was such a hit that soon complaints of shortage emerged from Middlesbrough, Lincoln, and Plymouth in the United Kingdom.

But McDonalds made sure to be quick on the case, as they reassured their customers that they will restock the Grand Macs soon.

McDonalds will need to keep up with the high demand. (Source: Instagram)

One restaurant in Middlesbrough had put up a sign saying; “Unfortunately we cannot sell any Grand Macs due to a national shortage. We hope to rectify this within 24 hours.”


Foodies all around the World absolutely love McDonalds. (Source: Instagram)

In Plymouth, a restaurant stated that that Grand Big Mac is ‘So tasty it’s sold out’.

McDonald’s said: “Our restaurants experienced higher than expected demand resulting in the burgers being sold out for a short period of time.”

The Grand Mac turned out to be a HUGE success. (Source: Instagram)

The Grand Mac contains two juicy and heavy beef patties along with two cheese slices, more lettuce and more onions, with the traditional Big Mac sauce.

Another mini version of the Big Mac was launched with the name of Mac Jr, containing 400 calories at £2.19 and was intended to be ‘easily eaten on the go’.

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The Grand Big Mac holding 741 calories was released at a price just under £4. (Source: Instagram)

People walk past a McDonalds outlet. (Source: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

These limited editions were launched to celebrate Big Mac’s 50 years in the Mcdonald’s family and will only be available till the 20th of March, 2018.

(Source: Twitter)

They announced this on Twitter by saying:

“Big Mac is 5-0! So we’re bringing you two new stars. Say hello to the limited edition Mac Jr. & Grand Big Mac. #BigMac50”


McDonalds has a wide range of burgers. (Source: Instagram)

There were mixed reviews found on Twitter for the new Grand Big Mac.

Some of the fans loved it and ordered the Grand Big Mac over and over again. While the others were not happy with what was offered in reality by McDonalds.


(Source: Twitter)


(Source: Twitter)

And then there were a few McDonald’s lovers who did not get a chance to try the Grand Big Mac due to shortages.


(Source: Twitter)

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