Mysterious 20-foot hairy sea creature, termed as a ‘Globster’, washes up on shore in the Philippines

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A 20-foot long unidentified sea creature found on a beach in Philippines has left locals terrified that a bad omen is upon them. Experts are baffled by the appearance and are attempting to figure out the unidentified mass.

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sea creature

An unidentified sea creature has been found on a beach in Philippines. (Image source: Rumble)

The hairy sea creature, being termed as a ‘globster’, surfaced on a beach in San Antonia province on May 11. While some speculated that it might be remains of a decomposed whale, the locals have theorized that the appearance portends a natural disaster. Regardless, the creature has aroused interest in many circles and has attracted worldwide attention.

The hairy sea creature is also being termed as a globster – an unidentified organic mass. (Image source: Rumble)

Locals believe that a bad omen may be upon them. (Image source: Rumble)

In the video, the grayish white creature can be seen floating near shore while two men with ropes try to pull the it out of the water. Some local residents also gathered around at the beach to take a quick look at the sea creature.

Local residents gathered around to witness the sea creature. (Image source: Rumble)

According to the villagers, anytime an unknown creature washes ashore, it is an indication of a disaster. This foreboding has disturbed the local residents who are praying against the impending doom.

Men were seen trying to pull out the creature with the help of ropes. (Image source: Rumble)

sea creature

The creature has aroused interest worldwide. (Image source: Rumble)

Marine workers even took samples of the creature while some governmental officers stated that it may only be a dead whale.

Vox Krusada, Fishery Law Enforcement Officer, said, “For now we can say it is a whale, but the exact species is still unknown. The tissue samples are now sent to our lab for DNA analysis.”

Krusada also claimed that as he was present at the time when the tissue samples were being taken, he ‘experienced the full power of its smell’. He also stated that the smell was ‘awful’ and may have been ‘something from another planet.’

He added, “I felt better after taking a bath but the stench still lingers in my nose.”

According to Krusada, the foul-smelling carcass has now been buried by the local government of Gloria.

The ‘globster’ has made headlines across the world; the pungent smell has spread to the whole beach and on Twitter.

A number of followers even compared the hairy sea creature to US President Donald Trump’s toupee.

One user even believed it to be a creature from another planet.

This is not the first time a mysterious creature has made an appearance on the shore in Philippines. In September 2017, a 32-feet long sea creature was found in Maasin City, Leyte.

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Source: Mystery Globster Sea Creature by ViralPress

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