Horrible! Muslim Teenage Bride Dies After Being Penetrated With Iron Bars on Her Wedding Night!

by Ayesha Naeem

Pakistani doctor, Fam Sheerin, just came up to talk about the brutal marital abuse her patient faced on the first day of her wedding night. The 19-year-old bride was brutally penetrated with iron bars, resulting in her demise. 

Muslim teenage Bride

Doctor tweets about her patient who died at the hands of brutal husband. (Source: Twitter)

Fam Sheerin tweeted, “One of my patients died of excess bleeding which was apparently due to really severe Post-coital tears. Because the cuts were grave & didn’t seem like PCTs, we convinced her father to approve autopsy. Turns out her husband was a psychopath who fucked her with IRON BARS.”

Muslim teenage Bride

Doctor explains the incident on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

Marital abuse is still unknown to most people, and is not even considered as something that exists. This is primarily because of the lack of sex education, which is not taught in many Eastern countries.

Fortunately, Dr. Fatima didn’t shy away from sharing the blood-curdling story.

She added, “ON HER MARRIAGE NIGHT. That women DIED on her reception day. She DIED FOR FUCKS SAKE. And we can’t educate our children about sex? Our society deserves to die. #DesiBedouin”


People question why the new bride didn’t resist. (Source: Twitter)

The horrific story moved both local and international audiences. One of the concerned readers asked why no one, especially her parents, did anything about this; “And her family did nothing from marriage day to her reception day??! WTH! We need to all burn in hell!”

The reader further asked, “But she didn’t complain of pain or shout I mean… there was physical distress or something …ther was a morning after the night he did that to her right? Did everyone just ignore the pain?”


Enraged Twitter users discuss the issue. (Source: Twitter)

Fam reported that the girl was only 19 years old and didn’t say anything because she was scared of her husband. She also revealed that the victim’s father is already planning on forgiving the husband of her dead daughter, since he is his brother’s son.

Keeping in mind that the death is still fresh, it’s almost sickening to know that such an unbelievably forgiving mindset still prevails when it comes to perpetrators of such heinous acts.

Dr. Fatima explains the father’s response. (Source: Twitter)

One reader enforcing on the importance of sex education added, “Education shouldn’t be a right, it should be a fundamental duty. But is it not true that such monsters can still take birth in any home in our neighborhood and we won’t realize it until they commit something as heinous a crime as this? Equal to him, girls parents r d culprits too”


Twitterati talk about the importance of sex education. (Source: Twitter)

Another reiterating this said, “Sex education for a school child mostly occurs in the way we talk about body parts and body functions, how we teach children to care for, respect and protect their bodies, and when we prepare our children for puberty.”

Twitter outrages over the lack of sex education. (Source: Twitter)

A few called the husband ‘a monster’; “Its not a personal matter anymore, its a bloody CRIME, a human lost her life coz of a beast, n likes of that beast r roaming in this society everywhere n their victims can’t even say anything.”


People share stories of similar incidents. (Source: Twitter)

Another commenter, Maliha, shared a similar incident, “Heard of a similar case from a friend’s mom who was a gynecologist, that a maid couldn’t walk properly and was checked and there was a half broken piece of wooden rod inside her. Her husband used to do it, this time it went real wrong.”


People encouraged sharing such stories to break the taboo. (Source: Twitter)

Many encouraged people to talk about this issue to normalize it.

“Unspeakable horror. Keep telling these stories, ladies. We all need to hear them and acknowledge the issues that are rampant in our societies.”

“Time to teach humanity first.” (Source: Twitter)

Another said, “Awful Fatima. It’s a testament to the barbarity of Indian and Pakistani societies. I’m reeling but thank you for sharing this. Her story needs to be told.”

“That’s barbaric,” wrote on user. (Source: Twitter)

Other than this, Pakistan’s recent Kasur child rape case has also brought the topic of the importance of sex education to light. The entire country has come out in protests, advocating the need for sex education in order to minimize such unfortunate events. However, it is a fact that most parents still feel embarrassed when it comes to talking about these issue.

There is no denying that sex education should be compulsory in every country, so as to avoid any such incidents in the future.

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