Hold Your Horses… Or Ride Them in the Middle of a Dancefloor? Miami Citizens Sign Petition Against Animal Cruelty After Woman’s Bizarre Act

by Nayab

Nightclub goers have usually seen it all. There’s the usual blizzard of alcohol, stream of noisy people, crowds of ambitious dancers and the stench of bad decisions. However, one woman in Miami managed to top it all by riding a horse right in the middle of a packed dance floor.

What a way to raise the hoof. Literally.


The scantily clad employee rides in on the horse. (Source: Twitter)


The horse starts to look distressed and panics. (Source: Twitter)

The woman was an employee at Mokai Lounge, a popular nightclub. She puzzled and outraged dancers when she pranced into the club seated atop a white horse, like some strange knight in non-existent armor. Did we mention she was wearing almost nothing?


It then attempts to run away and throw her off its back. (Source: Twitter)


The woman tries her best to climb back on. (Source: Twitter)

She had on a dark and lacy lingerie set as she rode in to the club. Footage of the incident shows her trying to control the frightened animal, who can be seen buckling in its attempt to escape. The woman is almost thrown off once, and then the horse succeeds. She tries to clamber up, but the horse charges a man near it and runs off outside.


She doesn’t succeed and the horse runs away, trying to find an escape route. (Source: Twitter)


A confused onlooker gets his arm pushed away by the distressed animal as it runs. (Source: Twitter)

The video has now gone viral, causing a lot of intense debate on social media. People everywhere are accusing the woman of animal cruelty. Agitated commenters have said that a club is no place for an animal, especially one that seems to be in so much distress.


While some people cheer, others back out and let the horse pass. (Source: Twitter)

The horse’s fright was worsened when, during its experience, people around it started to cheer, scream and clap. They thought the woman was performing some sort of pre-practiced routine.

Watch the full video:

The incident caused the debate online to become a full-blown petition on Change.org. Almost 3,000 people have signed it. It stated clearly, “This environment is by no means a place for ANY animal or wildlife.”

The petition pushed for lawful action to be taken against the club, and it worked: the nightclub has now been shut down.


Concerned social media users started to comment on the situation. (Source: Twitter)


Others blamed the club for their poor decision making. (Source: Twitter)


Everyone agreed the poor horse should have been nowhere near the club. (Source: Twitter)


The club has now closed down to the satisfaction of many users. (Source: Twitter)

Jimmy L. Morales has certainly taken action and changed something. He’s the Beach City Manager for Miami Beach and has now issued an official order to remove Mokai Lounge’s business license. He made a statement, saying, “I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take.”

This activity was not permitted and as soon as we became aware, I immediately instructed staff to act swiftly in remedying this situation,” he said.


Miami Beach Police took rapt action and revoked Mokai Lounge’s business license! (Source: Twitter)

Thankfully, the horse is “healthy and safe” according to Miami Police, so there is a silver lining after all.

This just goes to show, you can become a party animal, but don’t bring an animal to the party.

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