19-Year-Old Rapes Girl While She Dies of a Drug Overdose, Then Brags About It!

by Maira Shahzad

[NOTE: The following content contains graphic details of sexual assault/murder.]

A rape case has emerged from Washington after Brian Varela, a 19-year-old boy, bragged to his Dairy Queen coworkers about raping an 18-year-old while she was dying of a drug overdose, at his own party in a mobile house.



Brian Varela raped an 18-year-old and left her to die of an overdose. (Source: Facebook)

18-year-old Alyssa Mae Noceda was dying of an opiod drug overdose at a party; her body was stiff and her lips swollen blue when 19-year-old Varela raped her and then went to sleep, knowing that she was barely breathing.

The victim of the rape and controlled substance abuse. (Source: Facebook)

Alyssa was a Mariner High School student who had gone to a party on a Saturday evening, where she met Varela. The encounter between them was ‘supposedly’ consensual.


Alyssa during happier times. (Source: Facebook)

According to court reports, the boy claimed that the two had been engaging in intercourse so he could ‘pass time’. The two teenagers did drugs (prescription painkillers), after which Varela offered the girl a shot of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a constituent of cannabis.


Varela in the courtroom as the judge makes sure the packed room stays disciplined. (Source: KIROTV)

Alyssa then passed out following the drug intake and Varela, aware of the situation at hand, did nothing to help her.

Instead, he sent graphic pictures of an unconscious Alyssa to a group text to his friends and said, “LOL, I think she OD’d [Overdosed], still breathing”.


The victim in an older photo posted on her social media accounts. (Source: Facebook)

He went on to rape her and then slept, since he was “too tired” to deal with her unconscious body. The girl’s corpse was in his room for at least two days, as reported by Kiro 7.

Alyssa was assaulted and left to die by Varela. (Source: Facebook)

The harrowing incident did not end there. The following day, Varela used dead Alyssa’s finger to unlock her phone and posted a ‘Snapchat’ that suggested she had run away from home.

Alyssa had allegedly previously run away from home too, so taking advantage of her misfortune, Varela used the photo-sharing app to give the idea that she had done the same again. Alyssa’s phone was then tossed into a bare construction site.

The victim pictured in 2017. (Source: Facebook)

The 19-year-old carried on with his work as usual and bragged to his co-workers about the previous day.

The truth was finally revealed when his assistant manager, who had heard the story, also saw a ‘Missing Person’ post for Alyssa, posted by her mother, on Facebook. He reported his suspicion to the police.

Alyssa Mae died after overdosing on drugs and failing to receive medical help. (Source: Facebook)

Authorities found the girl’s body stuffed in a crate in Varela’s room. According to Varela’s roommate, he had planned to bury and hide her body, keeping away from authorities. However, this did not unfold as he wanted to.

The victim’s mother speaks to the media. (Source: KIROTV)


A childhood picture of Alyssa. (Source: Facebook)

Alyssa’s mother Gina, left a post on Facebook, confirming the news of her daughter’s death.

The confirmation of the tragic news. (Source: Facebook)

She also shared a video from some of the last few days of her daughter’s life, where Alyssa can be heard saying, “Love you, Mom!”

“Love you, mom.” (Source: Facebook)

Alyssa’s family has started a GoFundMe page to collect proceeds for her funeral and memorial costs. There are also vigils being held in her name.

Page for proceeds towards her memorial. (Source: GofundMe)

People were quick to show their love and express grief.

The horror faced by the victim moved many. (Source: GoFundMe)

An acquaintance, Leilany Ashlin Flores, posted a messaged to Facebook deliberating on the drug usage by teenagers and also claimed that a “lot of the people who are saying RIP are the same ones who bullied her” by association and by sharing unsolicited pictures. She further claimed that there wasn’t enough help for her or other teenagers during trying times.

The post discusses issues like bullying. (Source: Facebook)

Varela is now being held for rape, manslaughter, and homicide at a $500,000 bail.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Alyssa’s friends and family.

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