Africa’s real life Spiderman, Mamaoudou Gassama, receives French citizenship after climbing a 4-storey apartment building to save a dangling infant!

by Nayab

Mamaoudou Gassama has been officially dubbed ‘Le Spiderman’ after he heroically saved a child who would have fallen off a fourth story balcony in Paris, France. 

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Le Spiderman

Gassama has been awarded French citizenship! (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)

The brave man is an immigrant from Mali who recently came to France to start his new life. His courageous action granted him automatic French citizenship and a role as volunteer firefighter in the force.


He saw the infant dangling dangerously (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)


And started to climb up at once (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)


There was another man there but he couldn’t help (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)    

He then met President Macron (Image source: Twitter/Emmanuel Macron)

Gassama met with the French President Macron this morning at Elysee Palace where he was repeatedly thanked and told he would become a naturalized citizen. He was also thanked repeatedly by Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, who called him on the phone. She stated that he was the ‘Spider-Man of the 18th’ referring to the Parisian district where the action took place.

Translated from French, Hidalgo also said in her tweet, “I’m very happy for The President of the Republic made a fine decision in favour of this hero who saved the life of a child in Paris. I see a positive signal from what France can do in terms of reception and willingness to integrate.”

The Mayor of Paris also praised ‘Le Spiderman’ on his courageous act. (Image source: Twitter/Anne Hidalgo)

The child in question was seen dangling off a fourth story balcony and appeared to be just out of reach of any adult who was in the building. Gassama spotted him and immediately climbed up four floors using only his bare hands as tools. He managed to climb up very fast and reached the infant just before he would have dropped to the ground below, potentially saving his life.

The video also showed another man who was watching the scene from his own adjoining balcony. He was seen trying to reach out and grab the infant but was unsuccessful because there was a metal barrier separating his balcony from the other one. A large crowd gathered to watch the rescue efforts and they all cheered and clapped once they saw Gassama bring the child to safety.


Gassama bravely leapt up and up (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)


He finally reached the infant (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)


And quickly pulled him to safety (Image source: Facebook/Habib Bibou)

In the widely circulated video footage, Gassama can be seen jumping and climbing up three balconies to get to the child. He then flings himself into the fourth story balcony and quickly manages to life the child up and in. All this happened with one smooth movement of his arm as the child was effortlessly brought back to the safety of the balcony.

In an interview with BFMTV, Gassama stated that he reacted purely out of instinct and did not have any plan set in place. He said, “I did not think, I saved him. When I took him in my arms, I spoke with him and asked: ‘Why did you do that?” He didn’t get an answer out of the infant who was most likely also in severe shock.

A few days later, Gassama recalled the incident all over again for reporters, “I felt afraid when I saved the child … [when] we went into the living room, I started to shake, I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down.”

The fire service in Paris thanked Gassama and said it was lucky he was physically fit and could climb up. A spokesperson said, “He explained to me that he had arrived from Mali a few months ago dreaming of building his life here. I told him that his heroic act is an example to all citizens and that the city of Paris will obviously be very keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France.”

Meanwhile, Twitter was ablaze with reactions to Gassama’s bravery and courage.

It was certainly an adrenaline rush that had prompted him to climb up that fast using just his hands! Someone in the crowd had called the firefighting department but by the time they arrived, they saw the child was already safe.

We are sure Gassama will not find it difficult to settle down now!

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