High school senior takes his mom as his “prom date” to make up for the fact that she never got to experience her own

by Asfa Shakeel

High school senior, Joe Moreno decided to take his mom to his high school prom because she skipped her opportunity, at the age of 17, to raise and take care of her son. 

The Collegiate High School senior explained via Twitter that his mother dropped out of school 18 years ago when she got pregnant with him. She was 17 at the time, and therefore never had the opportunity to go to her own prom, one of the most anticipated events in a high school student’s life.

The 18-year-old decided that his mom would be his prom date to make up for the fact that she chose him over the opportunity.

high school prom

18-year-old Joe Moreno took his mother to his high school prom. (Image source: Twitter/Joe Angel)

As promised, Moreno’s mother accompanied him to his prom on April 13. He shared the photos on his Twitter, which have since gone viral. The tweet has reached over 32,000 retweets and been liked over 187,000 likes. Moreno can be seen, standing next to his mother, in a sharp black tux while his mother wore a beautiful evening gown with her hair and makeup done to perfection.

high school prom

He uploaded his high school prom pictures, with his mom, on Twitter to an overwhelmingly positive reaction. (Image source: Twitter/Joe Angel)

Moreno shared more pictures from the photo-booth on his Twitter, after he received positive messages from people who adored them. Nine pictures were uploaded where the mother-son duo can be seen posing in various different ways, clearly having a lot of fun.


He also then uploaded pictures of them from his prom photobooth. (Image source: Twitter/Joe Angel)

People have also commented underneath the tweet, voicing their opinions and asking questions.

One Twitter user asked Joe how he got his mother in since people over the age of 21 are usually not allowed due to restrictions on alcohol. He explained that he went to the school administration and told them about the situation and got special permission to have his mother entered.

Later, Joe posted another tweet where he mentioned that he had the best time ever at his prom. He also said that his mother, Vanessa, really enjoyed herself.

Vanessa told KIIITV that Joe had told her ever since he was little that he would take her to the prom. She tried to dissuade him but he would not budge.

She said, “I’m trying to persuade him, ‘Hey, take somebody else. Take somebody. This is your prom. Like, we can have our memories somewhere else.’ And he kept on. ‘No, I’m taking you.”


Joe said his friends know how much he loves his family so taking his mom to prom was not surprising. (Image source: Twitter/Joe Angel)

Joe also talked about how his friends knew how much he loved his mom, so it wasn’t that surprising for anyone when he brought her to his high school prom.

He said, “I really love talking about my family. It’s something that I’m really passionate about. I’m really passionate about who I am. I love who I am. So when I bring my mom, everyone knows I love my mom. I tell them about it, and they are all really supportive and really loving of the idea.”

He expressed his surprise at how rapidly his story reached out across the country, “20 likes. Then 100. Then 200. It just blew up. It was crazy. To 1,000! Then when I woke up the next day, 12,000! That whole day just went crazy.”


He said he was surprised at the speed with which his tweets went viral. (Image source: Twitter/Joe Angel)

Meanwhile, Vanessa also talked about the attention this situation got her and what it meant for her, “I’ve had so many messages of mothers that can relate to my story, and say that I’ve raised a good gentleman, and that made me feel good.”

Joe even tweeted that he would love to be noticed by singer, Drake or The Ellen Show.

Joe Moreno will be graduating high school in May and is planning to become an oncologist.

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