Japanese cosplayer Reika Saiki has her fans shocked at how strong the 4’11” cheerleader’s thighs are

by Asfa Shakeel

Japanese pro-wrestler and cosplayer, Reika Saiki, is all about proving that the authenticity of the art is not just about the costumes, but also about the physical effort put into looking the part. Specifically, the effort put into sculpting one’s thighs.


Japanese cosplayer has shocked the internet with her sculpted legs. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

Saiki recently posted a picture on Instagram of her dressed as Chun-Li from Street Fighter cosplay. Fans were shocked not just at the accuracy of the costume, but also at how Saiki’s quads looked strong and powerful enough to realistically mirror Chun-Li’s.

Fans of the character commented underneath appreciating Saiki’s costume, but pointed out that the arm bands are drastically different to the ones that Chun-Li wears. Saiki addressed these comments in her caption and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Because I did not have a bracelet, it is a wrist weight of 1 kg on each hand.”


Fans admired Saiki for her fitness routine and the accuracy of her costume. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

Fans also commented on Saiki’s thighs, expressing their admiration for what is clearly a dedicated gym regiment.

One fan wrote, “Those thighs are a DREAM tbh.”

“YAW she make me look fragile HAHAH,” another said.

One user requested, “I’ve never wanted to be a bench press so bad. Please lift me and throw it off.”

“Your thighs are sexy. I have become a fan,” another fan stated.


Many commented expressing their admiration for her thighs. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

Saiki has been bodybuilding for years now and has received a lot of attention for her impressive physique. At only 4’11, she is a member of the group Cheer1, who are mascot models for Japan’s pro-wrestling league Wrestle-1.


Saiki is a member of a cheerleading group. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

Saiki, who has been dedicated to health and fitness for a while now, might be more fit than anyone in the wrestling group she cheers for. She has achieved this by hitting the gym regularly over the last few months and by drinking a lot of protein shakes.


She acheived this level of fitness by hitting the gym regularly and drinking a lot of protein shakes. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)


She has been regular with her fitness for a few months now. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

According to SoraNews24, the 23-year-old was referred as the “little sister” of the group. Although she is known as the buffest member of the cheerleading group, her manager had been keeping Saiki’s body under wrap. He had edited few of her promotional pictures to lessen her muscle definition as compared with other girls in the cheerleading group. However, Saiki had other plans.


She is referred to as the ‘little sister’ of her cheerleading group. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)


Her manager initially tried to keep her bodybuilding a secret. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

In January, Saiki appeared on Ariyoshi Hanseikai, a variety program in Japan. On the show, she showed off her physique to the impressed audience, proudly telling them, “It’s fun to build muscle!”


Her Twitter has 47.4k followers so far. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)


She regularly posts updates about her health and fitness regimen. (Image source: Twitter/Reika Saiki)

Saiki’s fans can follow her fitness regiment through her Twitter and other social media accounts. She regularly posts content, making her routine and daily activities known to her 47,400 followers.

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