ISIS Releases New Posters Online, Threatening the United States of America and Israel

by Faryal

An explosion occurred on 11th December 2017, in the heart of New York City. The incident left millions shocked all around the world. ISIS has taken responsibility for the blast.

Now, ISIS is openly threatening Israel and the United States through posters circulating online.


Fire brigade crew wait at the scene after an explosion. (Source: Getty Images)

A Bangladeshi suspect inspired by ISIS was behind the terror act in New York. Akayed Ullah, the man behind the attack, is in his late 20’s. He migrated to the United States in 2011.


A New York Police Department (NYPD) officer chats with a girl after blocking a road with “Do Not Cross” tapes after the explosion. (Source: Getty Images)

However, the terrorist organization is not going to stop here. New information reveals that more attacks are to come.


ISIS threatens The United States of America and Israel. (Source:

ISIS revealed a poster with a disturbing message. It has Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu kneeling before an executioner. The Jihadi executioner is wearing black clothes. And the three figures are in front of the famous mosque of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.


President Trump will have to take strict security measures. (Source: Getty Images)

Moreover, the message on the poster is even more horrific. It says, “O Jews and worshipers of the cross. We swear to break your necks and shed your blood in Al-Aqsa front yard and everywhere else, this is the promise of Allah and we will make it come true. Beware. The coming will be the most terrible and better.”


ISIS retaliates to Trump’s decision to name Jerusalem capital of Israel.

The terrorist organization is promising more lone wolf attacks on the United States. More images depict attacks on the US Capitol building. One picture shows a man, draped in black clothing, aiming his gun at the building.

Moreover, the US Capitol building and the flag of the United States are burning in the background. The image also has ‘California’ written on it with some Arabic words.


The US Capitol building under threat.

Another similar poster shows a man in black, carrying a weapon on his shoulder. The man is standing in front of the US Capitol building. This picture depicts a grim outlook as the background displays dark clouds hinting the dawn of a dark time.


Manhattan attack.

Furthermore, another poster has Arabic words written on it with a ‘Manhattan#’ on it. It’s hence a hint at Manhattan attack, where a vehicle smashed into cyclists and runners. The unfortunate incident ended in the death of eight innocent people.


NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio arrive for a press conference. (Source: Getty Images)

These threats by ISIS are in retaliation for President Donald Trump’s decision to name Jerusalem the capital of Israel.


Trump and Netanyahu shake hands. (Source: Getty Images)

The New York blast resulted in five nonfatal injuries. Moreover, the explosion was executed through a pipe bomb which was attached to Akayed Ullah’s jacket.

Consequently, the security situation is going to become more severe in the coming future.

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