Donald Trump Has Been Cheating on Melania with a Porn Star?! Stormy Daniels Reveals Her Ongoing Relationship With the President!

by Ayesha Naeem

Uh-oh! Porn star Stormy Daniels just revealed her ‘ongoing’ relationship with America’s president, Donald Trump!

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump on field during the national anthem (Source: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The adult star talked about her relationship with Donald Trump in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

She started off by telling how she had sex with the current president of America on the very first day she met him!

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels attends the 2016 Adult Video News Awards in a sizzling hot red dress (Source: Getty Images)

Daniels met Trump at the Charity Golf Tournament where Trump had his eyes on her and later asked the actress out for dinner in his room.

“He told me to come up to meet him in his room. He told me his room number and whatnot. I can’t remember the room number, but I do know that it was the penthouse or at the top of the Harrah’s.”

The actress added that after she went into the room, she went into restroom. When she came out, Donald Trump was all set in his bed and asked her to “come here”.

Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump pauses during a speech at the Ronald Reagan Building (Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

She told the interviewer, “And I was like, “Ugh, here we go.” And we started kissing. I actually don’t even know why I did it but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, “Please don’t try to pay me.” And then I remember thinking, “But I bet if he did, it would be a lot.”

donald trump

Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake, and Kaylani Lei pose with a perfect mix of funky and sexy at the Sapphire Pool Day Club grand opening party (Source: Getty Images)

However, according to Stormy the sex was nothing crazy; “[He didn’t] chain me to the bed or anything. It was one position.”

efinitely seemed smitten after that,” she added. The President then asked whether he could see her again. This then led to an ongoing relationship between the two.

donald trump

First lady Melania Trump and U.S. President Donald Trump attend a Hanukkah Reception (Source: Angerer/Getty Images)

The actress also said that Trump ‘always ignored’ any topic related to his wife. When he did talk about his family, he would only talk about his daughter. She told the interviewer that he was very proud of her.

When the interviewer asked if she would like to add anything, she answered, “I don’t think so. Like I said, if I was his wife and I found out that my husband stuck his d— in a hundred girls, I would be less mad about that than the fact that he went to dinner and had like this ongoing relationship.”

donald trump

U.S. President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and their son Barron Trump arrive at the White House (Source: Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)

Daniels even revealed that her lawyer, Keith Davidson, and Trump’s lawyer, Cohen, had agreed upon a six-digit fee. Talking about why she revealed the story now, Daniels said it was Trump’s reluctant behavior and delays in the final details of this settlement that she decided to confirm her relationship to a reporter in efforts to secure herself.

However, even before this interview came out, Jacob Weisberg came out with a story confirming the relationship of the adult star and Donald Trump, telling the details of his interview with Daniels in 2016.

donald trump

U.S. President Donald Trump stands with his son Barron Trump inside of the inaugural parade (Source: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

He pursued this story before Stormy was given the ‘hush-money’, some time near the elections. Weisberg also reported that Daniels wanted money for her story, to which he refused. After this, their communication on the topic ceased.

The journalist said he tried convincing her to come forward anyway, but then she stopped talking to him.

And then, about a week before the election, Daniels stopped responding to calls and text messages,” the journalist explained.

Donald Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally (Sourc:’ Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

One of Daniels’ friends also confirmed this.

“A friend of hers told me Daniels had said she’d taken the money from Trump after all,” said the journalist.

donald trump

Stormy Daniels attends the 2014 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo looking as confident as ever (Source: Getty Images)

Just before the In Touch story came out, a reporter for Slate had detailed conversations with Daniels in 2016 – a time which he says was characterized by her uncertainty over whether Trump would pay her the promised hush money.

donald trump

Presidential election winner Donald J. Trump speaks on stage at his election night event. – (Source: Neilson Barnard/WireImage)

Stormy Daniels

Adult film actress/director Stormy Daniels looks radiant as she attends the 2017 Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas (Source: Getty Images)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a press conference. (Source: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

The reporter further added why he never talked about this before.

“I considered publishing the story without her cooperation. After all, she had never said anything was off the record.”

Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump and his second ex-wife, Marla Maples. (Source: Getty Images)

“But if I did so, she would presumably disavow what she had told me, and the only people I had corroborating her story were sources Daniels herself had pointed me to. For the most important aspect of the story—the contract for her silence—I also lacked independent corroboration.”

Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump with Ex-husband Donald Trump.(Source:Getty Images)

Mother Jones magazine also confirmed their relationship by publishing an email between two political operatives, admitting that Daniels ‘had [Trump] spank him with a Forbes magazine’.

Well, this really has people wondering whether Melania will move for divorce or not!

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