Donald Trump Accidentally Tweeted A Random Person, Wishing Him Happy Birthday

by Ayesha Qayyum

Wishing someone ‘Happy Birthday’ might seem like a very simple task, but after what Donald Trump did, we might just be underestimating the ‘complexity’ behind it.

No one really understands what Trump does and why he does it.

Because of his many tweets and speeches he has been dissed and trolled countless times. Not only has he is made fun of by Americans but some very famous personalities too.

Eminem released his freestyle rap and slammed Trump in every verse. He called him “Racist”, and a “Old orange man”. Many people on countless occasions have shown what they feel about Trump.

Chrissy Teigen when tweeted a diss about Donald Trump many supported her. But after sometime we all came to know that Trump had blocked the model on Twitter. This didn’t effected her a bit and she laughed it off.

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump speaks about the Iran Nuclear Program. (Source: Getty Images)

Now it is quite common for America’s President to see tweets full of hatred for him. But what he recently tweeted was ridiculous and he did not realize what was going on until it was too late.

Donald Trump wished birthday to a singer on Twitter but he tagged the wrong person in it.

Lee Greenwood is a country singer who was lucky enough to be wished by Donald Trump on his birthday. But it wasn’t him who got the birthday wish.

Greenwood is famous for his patriotic song ‘God Bless The USA‘ which he performed when Trump was being inaugurated as the President.

To show that he appreciated the singer for his performance., Donald Trump tweeted birthday wishes to Lee Greenwood.

Donald Trump

Trump wished the Wrong Greenwood and got trolled (Source: Buzz feed)

He wrote, “Happy Birthday to the great @leegreenwood83. You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

What he did wrong was that he tweeted @leegreenwood83 when the singers username is @TheLeeGreenwood.

The person Trump tweeted was actually a Trump hater!

The LeeGreenwood, Trump wished, is an IVY League Lawyer. He recently has participated in the Anti-Muslim Ban march. Against ban which was put forward by Trump.

Donald Trump

Lee Greenwood participated in Anti-Muslim Ban implemented by Donald Trump (Source: Lee’s Twitter)

A tweet read, “Not proofreading or verifying facts on such a powerful platform is both irresponsible and negligent”


The replies the Lawyer Lee got were pretty interesting too:

“That awkward moment when someone you hate wishes you a happy birthday by accident.” Tweeted his friend

“I, along with want to wish you a happy birthday, whenever your birthday may be. And Samantha Bee IS a national treasure”.

Donald Trump

(Source: Jim’s Twitter)

One person tweeted: “you are about to be famous :)”

After 45 minutes Trump realized his mistake and changed the username the tweet was addressing to.

Donald Trump

Trump tweeted at last (Source: Trumps Twitter)

“Happy birthday to the great . You and your beautiful song have made such a difference. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”. Donald Trump tweeted.


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