Say No to Harassment! Bullied Boy Keaton Jones Gathers Support of Hollywood Celebrities as his Video Goes Viral on Twitter

by Faryal

Many students all over the world are haunted by the dreadful experiences of bullying. One such boy is young Keaton Jones of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Bullied Boy

Keaton takes a picture with his siblings. (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

Keaton has been having problems with bullies at school. In order to address the problem, Keaton’s mother made a video of him reaching out to his bullies and asking them why do they do it?

Furthermore, in the heartbreaking video, Keaton says, “Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?”

Bullied Boy

Keaton asks why do kids bully? (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

Moreover, he went on to say, “What’s the point of it? Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them. It’s not okay?”

Additionally, his tearful face is making people’s heart break all around the world. Millions of children out there fall victim to some kind of bullying. And, many commit suicide because it is too much for them to take.

Bullied Boy

Keaton and his family. (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

The video continues and Keaton’s mother asks him, “What did they say to you?”

He then replied, “They make fun of my nose. They call me ugly. They say I have no friends.”

Bullied Boy

Keaton cries during his video. (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

His mother also asked, “What did they do to you at lunch?” He said, “Poured milk on me and put ham down my clothes. Threw bread at me.” Disgusting!

Also, the pain and grief is visible on Keaton’s face as tears poured down in rivulets from his innocent cheeks.

Bullied Boy

Keaton is devastated with how he is treated at school. (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

Keaton’s video has gained a lot of attention on Twitter from notable personalities all over the world. Furthermore, celebrities from Hollywood have gushed out kind words in support of Keaton and it’s the most beautiful thing on Twitter today.

These noble personalities include the likes of Chris Evans, Demi Lovato, Patrick J Adams, Katy Perry, Millie Bobby Brown and many more.

Some of these celebrities have also been bullied in the past and have spoken very openly about it.

Demi Lovato is one of the celebrities who underwent severe bullying when she was a child. Lovato openly addressed in her documentary Simply Complicated how she was abused in school.

Bullied Boy

Selena Gomez and singer Demi Lovato during the 2008 Teen Choice Awards. (Source: Getty Images)

According to Elite Daily, Lovato said, “When I was 12, I was bullied. I developed a social anxiety where I didn’t trust other girls my age.” According to her story, a girl in her school made all her classmates sign a petition which stated that Demi should kill herself. She further said, “I had no friends. I was alone.”

It is amazing to know that Demi now speaks against bullying and has also taken to Twitter in support of Keaton.

Demi tweeted, “I #StandwithKeaton. Keaton baby, just know you’re not alone. There are so many people who come out of bullying so much stronger and you will be one of them! God bless you sweetheart.”

Bullied Boy

Demi Lovato sends love for Keaton. (Source: Demi’s Twitter)

Moreover, another such celebrity is our favorite Stranger Things star, Millie Bobby Brown. Millie Bobby Brown is a strong advocate against bullying. She has a twitter account called @milliestophate where she encourages bullied kids to reach out and talk to her.

Millie was bullied when she was seven years old. In an interview with TheWrap, Millie revealed, “I was seven when I was bullied by a boy. No hard feelings, I got over it, but I did have to move schools because it was very hard, and I felt like I couldn’t to anyone.”

Bullied Boy

Millie Bobby Brown at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. (Source: Getty Images)

Millie also came to voice support and love for Keaton. Millie Tweeted, “Tell him to stay strong! Truly a great person… to all the bully’s: take not from Keaton.”

Bullied Boy

Millie Bobby Brown tells Keaton to be strong. (Source: Millie’s Twitter)

She also tweeted, “Keaton, this is so accurate. Why do people do this? I think you’re so cool Keaton! I wanna be your friend (but srsly) ur freakin awesome <3.”

Bullied Boy

Millie Bobby Brown wants to be Keaton’s friend. (Source: Millie’s Twitter)

Our favorite lawyer from suits also reached out to sweet old Keaton. Patrick J Adams tweeted, “We hear you #KeatonJones. I was bullied constantly growing up. And could never have put into words what you have. It does get better. And it gets better because of who you are and what you know and how you share it with all of us. Thank you for your courage.”

Bullied Boy

Patrick J Adams thanks Keaton for his courage. (Source: Patrick’s Twitter)

Our mighty superheroes from The Avengers also had their two cents to offer.

Chris Evans who plays Captain America sent his love for Keaton. Chris also offered Keaton to come to The Avengers premiere in LA in 2018. Oh my God! Lucky Keaton!

Moreover, he tweeted, “Stay strong, Keaton. Don’t let them make you turn cold. I promise it gets better. While those punks at your school are deciding what kind of people they want to be in this world, how would you and your mom like to come to the Avengers premiere in LA next year?”

Bullied Boy

Chris Evans invites Keaton to the premiere of Avengers in LA. (Source: Chris’s Twitter)

Well, if Captain America tweeted, how could the ever loved Incredible Hulk stay behind. Mark Ruaffalo also voiced his support for the young boy. “Keaton, will you be my guest at the Premiere of #InfinityWar too? I think you are about one of the coolest kids I have ever seen! Can’t wait to meet you in person, pal. Forget those ignorant kids. One day, very soon, they are going to feel pretty stupid for this.” We love you Mark Ruffalo!

Bullied Boy

Mark Ruffalo thinks Keaton is one of the coolest kids ever! (Source: Mark’s Twitter)

Justin Bieber also took to his Instagram to express love for the boy. He said, “You got a friend in me Lil bro! Hit me on dm and we can chat!!! Love you buddy!!”

Bullied Boy

Justin calls Keaton his friend. (Source: Justin Bieber’s Instagram)

Keaton also stated in his video that several other kids are also bullied at his school and it’s not just him. His ending words in the video were extremely hopeful and truly inspiring for children all around the world.

He concluded the video by saying, “I don’t lie that they do it to me and I for sure don’t like that they do it to other people because it’s not okay. People are different, don’t need to be criticized about it. It’s not their fault. If you are made fun of just don’t let it bother you. Stay strong I guess. It’s hard. But it’ll probably get better one day.”

Bullied Boy

Keaton takes a cute picture with his family in the car. (Source: Kimberly Jones’s Facebook)

You are an extremely brave boy and everyone is proud of you! More power to you Keaton!

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