From Broke to Millionaire! Beggar Caught in Sweden With Over £500,000 In His Pockets

by Faryal

A beggar in Sweden has been caught with £540,000 hidden in his pockets, while he pestered civilians for bus money!


Ever heard of fictional stories, like Jack and the Beanstalk, where a poor man miraculously becomes a rich overnight?

Well, here’s a similar story in reality of a beggar turned millionaire! However, in this story, the beggar does not get magic beans, but £540,000!


A 55-year-old beggar in Uppsala, Sweden, was trying to raise money to ride the bus to go home.


The beggar was asking for money to ride the bus home. (Source: Getty Images)

However, detectives were summoned to speak to the man when he was rude and threatening to the people who refused to pay him.

The Times reported that, upon investigating and searching, police officers found that he had five hundred and forty thousand pounds or six million krona in his pockets!

The chief of local police, Jale Poljarevious, has given an official statement. He said, “Bundles of banknotes started falling out of his jacket and other places. more and more bundles kept coming.”


He further added, “Anyone who walks around with six million krona in cash will be suspected of a crime.”


It is unknown how the beggar possessed such a large sum of money. (Source: Getty Images)

It is still not known how the beggar managed to possess such a huge sum of money. However, he has been arrested under suspicion of money laundering.

Another local police representative told The Sun, “The prosecutor is carrying out an investigation to see whether he will be freed or appear in court in a few days.”

She further stated, “The people who called us said he was very angry when demanding money. We don’t know whether he got this money through begging if he won it in a lottery or it is the proceeds of a crime.”


The beggar was investigated by cops when he was rude to people who didn’t give him money. (Source: Getty Images)

Prosecutor Anne Sjoblom has also made a statement. “I cannot say exactly how much money he had, but it was obviously millions.”

The largest note available in the Swedish currency is a 1000 krona. This means that the man was carrying over 6000 notes in his pocket!


The beggar has been arrested. (Source: Getty Images)

If he is proven guilty for money laundering, he could face a sentence of two years in prison.

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