Armed robbery backfires after mother draws her own weapon and shoots the gunman thrice

by Ali

42-year-old Katia Da Silva Sastre was waiting for her children outside their school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, when an assailant attempted an armed robbery. Sastre, an off-duty policewoman, drew out her weapon and shot at the assailant, who later succumbed to his injuries.

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armed robbery

Katia Da Silva Sastre shoots at the assailant (Image source: Twitter/Infowe)

The assailant has been recognized as 21-year-old Elivelton Neves Moreira. He had approached the school gate armed with a pistol.

The security footage obtained shows bystanders waiting outside the school when Moreira, armed with a pistol, approaches the entrance. He is seen pointing his gun at the guard as he tries to take his phone and gun. This is when Katia Sastre shoots him in the chest. She then disarms him after he falls on the pavement. The bystanders make a run for their lives as the event unfolds.

armed robbery

Katia Da Silva Sastre holds down the assailant (Image source: Twitter/Infowe)

The robber was rushed to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries and was later pronounced dead.

Katia is mother to two daughters, aged 7 and 2. She has spent 20 years in military service and was off duty when the incident took place.

She has been hailed as a hero of Sao Paulo and has been honored for her act of bravery. Sao Paulo Governor, Marcio Franca, honored the officer for her courage. He visited the police station to meet the her personally and present her with tokens of appreciation.

Governor Marcio Franca honoring Ms. Katia Da Silva Sastre (Image source: Twitter/Voce Sabia)

He also took to Twitter to honor her bravery.

The governor said that although it is sad the assailant died, this is a clear message for those who try to disrupt peace.

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