“I Was Able to Say Goodbye.”: Ellen DeGeneres’ Father, Elliot, Passes Away at Age 92

by Yumna Ansari

It has indeed been a difficult week for Ellen DeGeneres. In a recent talk on her show, she revealed that her father, Elliot DeGeneres, passed away at the age of 92.

“I lost my dad this week.”

The 59-year-old American comedian showed the audience a picture of her with her father as she spoke about him with a stable composure.

ellen degeneres father

Ellen with her father, Elliot. (Source: YouTube)

She says he was a happy man and had a healthy life. “[…] he lived his life how he wanted […]” and that she herself has never been vaccinated, neither did he ever get medications and yet lived to be 92 “He never had medicine his whole life, never went to a doctor..”

ellen degeneres father

Source: YouTube

She added, “He was a very accepting man. There was not one bone of judgment in his body.”

According to her talk, it seems as if Ellen has picked up her selfless sense from her father.

ellen degeneres father

Ellen with her brother, Vance. (Source: Instagram)

“He was very funny, I think my brother Vance and I got my sense of humor from him.”

ellen degeneres father

Ellen speaks of her father. (Source: YouTube)

“Before he passed away, I got to talk to him so I got to say goodbye to him,” she added.

Lastly, she explained that 10 minutes before he passed away, she turned around and clicked this image.

A rainbow appeared above Ellen’s stage before her father passed away. (Source: YouTube)

Our condolences are with Ellen and her family.

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