Swedish Instagram fitness model showcases impressive weight loss after she switches out the wine in her diet to plain water

by Asfa Shakeel

A Swedish Instagram fitness model took to Instagram to showcase her body transformation, all of which she attributes entirely to giving up alcohol. The star also talked about how she stopped weighing herself and instead put in an effort to love herself.

Instagram fitness model

An Instagram fitness model showcased the results of switching from alcohol to water. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

Jelly Devote, who now lives in Sheffield, opened up on her Instagram about the comparative effects of water and wine on her physique. She says she now drinks a maximum of one to two glasses of wine per week and drinks water the rest of the time. According to her, this has drastically changed her physique.

Instagram fitness model

She says she now has only one or two glasses a week. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

She wrote a detailed Instagram post alongside to advise her followers on how to achieve the same results as her.

“There is so many changes in how I look, how I feel, and how I live my life,” she wrote.

She also credits a lot of her success to a change in her attitude about herself. She said, “I’ve never felt better, I have balance. I eat a doughnut  followed by a salad  I don’t drink alcohol often, I down my water and most importantly I’ve gone from hating myself to loving myself,” she said.

Instagram fitness model

She has made many changes about how she lives her life. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

Instagram fitness model

She says the most important change has been in her opinion of herself. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

She said she had even stopped weighing herself when she was at her highest weight because she felt so bad about herself. “People always ask how much I’ve lost, and I honestly don’t know what my highest weight was (not the picture) due to hating myself so much I didn’t weigh myself (probably around 75kg) and I don’t weigh myself anymore (lightest I’ve been 45kg, NOT HEALTHY MIND),” she wrote.

She advised her followers to focus on how they felt about themselves rather than numbers on a scale; “Weight doesn’t matter, you matter. How you feel about yourself. Don’t focus on a number that can fluctuate 5kg in two days.”

Instagram fitness model

The Instagram fitness model said numbers on a scale should not hold that much importance. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

She also spoke out about how she has transitioned from the wild party life to the mellow life, and how that has positively impacted her self-respect and how she feels on a daily basis; “I’ve now been “balanced” since the crazy party nights in Bali  and I’m feeling SO good again! Party life ain’t for me! I rather be in sneakers  then heals, and rather drink protein and smoothies then sipping champagne.”

Instagram fitness model

She says she has left the party life behind. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

Instagram fitness model

She lives a more balanced life now. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

In other posts, Jelly has spoken out about how she started working out when she was 21 years old, when she saw a bad picture of herself; it pushed her to swap out the unhealthy aspects of her diet for healthier items. Within a few months, she had dropped around 40 pounds. However, she makes it a point to highlight that the numbers on the scale do not hold much significance to her anymore; it is all about how she feels on the inside.

Instagram fitness model

She started working out at the age of 21 after seeing unflattering photos of herself. (Image source: Instagram/Jelly Devote)

She has transitioned from watching her weight like a hawk to being lax and enjoying her life. She also focuses on traveling. In another Instagram post, she wrote, “Off days are just as important as “on” days, both mentally and physically,” highlighting how she listens to what her body tells her about its natural limits.

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