New documentary reveals Whitney Houston was sexually assaulted as a child, and struggled with it throughout her life

by Saman Zahid

In a new documentary on Whitney Houston’s life, it has been hinted that the legendary singer was sexually abused as a child. The film’s makers have revealed there were several ‘hints’ pointing at this. 

whitney houston documentary

Whitney Houston passed away in February 2012. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

The horrifying revelation was made by an assistant who claimed Whitney Houston had confided in her about the abuse, and detailed how it affected her entire life. The assistant claimed the singer told her she was molested by her female cousin, Dee Dee, Dionne Warwick’s late sister.

Kevin Macdonald, the film’s director, revealed to Press Association, “Mary Jones told me how the consequences of this abuse stayed with her her whole life, impacted her relationships, impacted her sense of self, maybe her lack of emotional development.”

whitney houston documentary

The singer showed signs of trauma from sexual abuse. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

He added that while such an experience does not have to define one’s entire life, this was not the case with Whitney; the event did have a massive impact on her, which could be easily seen in behaviors throughout her life.

He said, “I don’t think that one event like that or one experience necessarily defines everything about you, but I think in Whitney’s case, when you hear from the various people who talk about it, what impact that had on her, I think it’s probably the biggest explanation for a lot of her behavior.”

whitney houston documentary

Both she and her brother were abused by the same female cousin. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

Whitney contains interviews from several family members and friends of the late singer. The stories of sexual abuse are confirmed by her half-brother, Gary Garland-Houston, who said he and Whitney were both abused by the female cousin. Filmmaker Macdonald has said this is proof enough, and there is no reason anyone would lie about this.

whitney houston documentary

She often said the thing she hates the most is children being mistreated. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

He further talked about hints that pointed to this throughout Houston’s life. In some interviews, she often said she hates when children are treated badly. Macdonald said, “Whitney, in a couple of interviews, talks about how the thing which she hates the most in the world is people that treat children badly, and there’s one of those little clips in the film of her talking about that.”

whitney houston documentary

It was a tough decision to reveal the abuser. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

He also said revealing Dee Dee Warwick’s name as the abuser was a tough choice, especially since she has passed and can not defend herself. However, with the current empowerment that sexual abuse victims are being provided, the crew felt it was important to name the culprit. Since there seems no doubt about what happened – owing to people claiming Whitney had confided in them about the abuser – it only seemed appropriate to reveal the name.

whitney houston documentary

The documentary releases on July 6. (Image source: Instagram/Whitney Houston)

“We felt, with the current climate, the post-Harvey Weinstein world, the Me Too movement, it felt like naming the abuser was an important thing. Maybe if we had done this film three or four years ago, we might have felt more squeamish about it but in the current climate it felt like the right thing to do,” he said.

Whitney is all set to release in cinemas today, July 6. Watch the trailer below:

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