The Incredibles 2 superhero family walks the red carpet for the film’s world premiere

by Yumna Afzal

The stars of the movie that everyone has been waiting for, The Incredibles 2, reunited on the red carpet for the world premiere of the movie on 5 June, 2018, in Los Angeles.

Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Craig T. Nelson and others celebrated their on and off screen reunion. These are just some of the renowned names who arrived to celebrate the return of the movie after 14 years.

the incredibles 2 cast

The cast reunited on the Red Carpet. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 focuses on Elastigirl, voiced by Holly Hunter, who decides to save the world as a solo superhero, reliving her glory days. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible stays home to take care of their son, Jack-Jack, Hunter said about her character, “I think that’s really fun.”

the incredibles 2 cast

The movie is returning after 14 years. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

The Incredibles 2 cast includes the addition of new actors for the new characters in the story. Director Brad Bird claimed this is what will be most different about the new sequel; “It’s always fun to write them because you don’t know who they are yet. You have to discover it, whereas I can imagine the family in almost any situation and what they each say comes to me fairly easy.”

the incredibles 2 cast

New characters are also being added. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

the incredibles 2

The movie centers around Elastigirl taking it on herself to save the world. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

the incredibles 2 cast

Mr. Incredible stays home to take care of their son. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

One tree Hill Star, Sophia Bush, is also part of The Incredibles 2 cast. She voiced the character of Voyd, a second grade super hero and mega-fan of Elastigirl. Sophia herself was seen taking selfies with Hunter on the carpet.

Bush also told ET that The Incredibles is her ‘favorite animated movie ever made’. Being in the sequel therefore holds a particular significance for the actor. When she first heard that she got the role, she screamed in the middle of a restaurant, because she was so excited.

She recalled, “I screamed. I was actually at lunch with a friend. I never check email; it’s like a thing that I’m sort of famous in my inner circle for. So, I got a text message saying, ‘Open your e-mail right now! I was like, ‘OK…’ So, I did. There was a letter — like an old-fashioned, beautiful letter that has all the Incredibles characters on the bottom — and it’s from Brad Bird, who’s the writer and the director, asking me to be in Incredibles 2. I screamed out loud.”

the incredibles 2 cast

Sophia Bush has also gotten a character. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

the incredibles 2 cast

The entire cast is excited for the movie to release. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

Sarah Vowell, who plays Violet, the teenage daughter of Bob and Helen par, was more than ready to bring back the movie, “The first time was a lot more terrifying because I was’t even an actor and had never acted before so this having 17 years with this character I felt slightly more confident coming back.”

the incredibles 2 cast

The movie will come out on June 15. (Image source: Instagram/The Incredibles)

Craig T Nelson, the voice of our ever favorite Bob Par/Mr Incredible, said, “The innovations they’ve made now in computer graphics and animation it feels like a brand new world.”

After this comment, we are sure fans will be dashing to grab tickets when the movie hits theaters nationwide on June 15.

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