‘Vampire Diaries’ star Paul Wesley is finally returning to TV with ‘Tell Me A Story’, and fans cannot wait

by Rahma Altaf

Paul Wesley is returning to TV with his new CBS All Access series, ‘Tell Me A Story’, where he will reunite with Danielle Campbell.

Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley is finally returning to TV.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Paul Wesley

He is coming back with his new CBS all access series ‘Tell Me A Story’. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

The 25-year-old actor has signed a TV series deal with the Supernatural drama’s co-creator and executive producer, Kevin Williamson, for the new psychological thriller, Tell Me a Story.

According to Deadline, Paul has been selected for the lead role, for which he will work opposite The Originals alumna Danielle Campbell, Billy Magnussen, and Kim Cattrall.

Paul Wesley

Paul has been selected for the lead role in the new series. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

Kevin Williamson has written the story for the series, which takes the most beloved fairy tales and turns them into a dark and twisted psychological thriller. The series will be set in modern-day New York City and the first season will revolve around Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Hansel and Gretel – all of whom involve the role of a wolf. It will turn these commonly heard tales into a troublemaking story of love, greed, loss, murder, and revenge.

Paul Wesley

The series will be set in modern-day New York City. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

Paul will play the role of ‘Eddie’, a troubled and dangerous man whose pettishness is fueled by his problems relating to alcohol and drug use. He works as a bartender, though fans will see him playing the role of a low-level drug dealer and part-time thief working with his older brother, Mitch.

Paul Wesley

Paul will play the role of ‘Eddie’ who will be a troubled and dangerous man. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

23-year-old Danielle Campbell will play the character of Kayla, who deals with the recent death of her mother. 61-year-old Sex and The City‘s star Kim Cattrall will play the role of Kayla’s grandmother.

The series’ first two episodes will be directed and produced by Liz Friedlander, while the rest will be produced by Williamson with Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor.

Paul Wesley

The series’ first two episodes will be directed and executively produced by Liz Friedlander. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

Paul, who is represented by ICM Partners and Management 360, is finally returning to this TV series after ending eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries playing the role of vampire Stefan Salvatore, a 160-year-old vampire living in Mystic Falls.

Paul Wesley

Paul played the role of vampire, Stefan Salvatore, in The Vampire Diaries. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

The show ended in March 2017. Ever since, Paul featured in two off-Broadway plays, Cal in Camo and Zurich. Cal in Camo was his play with David Harbour at The Rattlestick Theatre while Zurich was at New York Theatre Workshop.

He will also star in Robert Zemeckis’s upcoming Netflix mini TV series called the Medal Of Honor in 2019.

Paul Wesley

He is also taking part in a Netflix TV series, Medal of Honor. (Image source: Instagram/Paul Wesley)

Danielle Campbell was featured in the Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, playing the role of a prolific witch named Davina Claire.

CBS All Access has not yet revealed a premiere date or filming date for Tell Me a Story.

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